Distance Learning Questionnaire

This short questionnaire does not guarantee your results as a distance learning student, however the qualities expressed by these questions are an important asset for the successful distance learning student. Try it and see how you score.

1. Which statement are you more likely to say?
I can do anything I set out to do.
I fail too often when trying something new.

2. Which statement better describes you?
I like to stay busy with productive work.
I prefer lots of free time.

3. Choose the statement that describes you best.
I will usually see a project to the end no matter how difficult it is nor how many other projects are demanding my time.
I reason that I can always finish a project another time if I've hit a stumbling block or have other projects to work on.

4. You are more like which of the following:
a person who sticks to a plan
a person who is likely to change plans

5. Which description is closer to how others might see you?
a person who asks a lot of interesting questions
a person who doesn't seem to have many questions

6. Choose the statement that better describes you.
When I'm curious about something I can't sleep until I've satisfied my curiosity.
It doesn't bother me that I don't have all the answers.