Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness' Assessment homepage.  Our primary assessment-related mission is to support all University programs and departments in the continuous improvement of student learning and university processes through systematic assessment and evidence-based decision making.

Assessment Levels

The Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment, Research, and Effectiveness supports three levels of assessment, including University-level, Program-level, and Course-level assessment.  Some examples of those activities include:

University-level Assessment – General Education Assessment, NSSE, and Existing Academic Program Review.

Program-level Assessment – Academic  Assessment (AA), Co-Curricular Assessment and Support Unit Assessment (CCSU).

Course-level Assessment – Rubric Development, Course and Curriculum Mapping, Assignment Design, Objective & Outcome Mapping, and Outcome Development.

Office Outreach

Our office offers workshops, one on one consultations, and year-round assessment support.  If you are in need of assistance, please contact our office.