Supportive Campus Environment (SCE) Items

National Survey of Student EngagementStudents perform better and are more satisfied at colleges that are committed to their success and cultivate positive working and social relations among different groups on campus.

  • Campus environment provides the support you need to help you succeed academically
  • Campus environment helps you cope with your non-academic responsibilities (work, family, etc.)
  • Campus environment provides the support you need to thrive socially
  • Quality of relationships with others students
  • Quality of relationships with faculty members
  • Quality of relationships with administrative personnel and offices

Supportive Campus Environment Graph

Results of the survey are divided into five Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practices.  Click the links below for definitions of NSSE measures and survey results.

  1. Level of Academic Challenge
  2. Active and Collaborative Learning
  3. Student-Faculty Interaction
  4. Enriching Educational Experiences
  5. Supportive Campus Environment


National Survey of Student Engagement