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Gallot honored by HBCUGrow for leadership and vision during his first year as institution’s 10th president 

By GSU Media Bureau 

RALEIGH, NC (November 9, 2017 ) – Grambling State University President Rick Gallot was recognized today with the HBCUGrow LEAD award for “Best Leadership” at the group’s 2017 annual LEAD Conference. GSU President Rick Gallot

Gallot, who was nominated in his first year as the institution’s 10thpresident, was recognized for his energetic, student-centered approach to leadership and the university’s growing list of recent accomplishments, including record enrollment and a recent $1.2 million raised from alumni and donors in just four months.

“In your first year, any award is an honor. This acknowledgment from HBCUGrow is significant because it means our peers and others across the nation can see the progress with our students and campus,” said Gallot. “It’s a privilege to lead Grambling because of our students, faculty and administrative community members. They’re the ones who make the vision possible.”

In addition to enrollment progress and fundraising, under Gallot’s leadership, the university has seen a new nursing program approved by the state, new funds secured to start progress on a cutting-edge library project and an additional $2 million in federal grants and contract funding.

The Best Leadership award is given to an active president of a historically black college and university at the HBCUGrow Lead Conference, one of the country’s fastest-growing university leadership training events.

In addition, Grambling State was also recognized as 2017 winner in the Innovation category, recognizing forward-thinking solutions in campus experience, technology and university programming.
Winners were selected in several categories based on peer nominations and input and data reviews by a panel of judges.  This year’s categories included LEAD Innovation, LEAD Marketing, LEAD Website, LEAD Military-Friendly and Best Leadership.


Grambling State President Rick Gallot raises $1.2M via Bring it Home campaign

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Grambling State University (GSU) is a place “where everybody is somebody,” and the current university president Rick Gallot is on a mission to ensure every matriculating student there knows it. In July of this year, the university embarked on a million dollar initiative to raise $1M by homecoming through their Bring it Home Campaign, which is a partnership between GSU, GSU Foundation, Inc. and GSU National Alumni Association. The funds were raised by alumni, students, faculty and business partners from all over the nation. “Just the kick-off alone took us over $300K just that first day,” Gallot told a local news station. And the university well exceeded its goal. During halftime of the homecoming game, president Gallot presented a check for $1.2M, beating their original goal by $200K. The funds raised will go towards institutional growth and the execution of the university’s mission, including student scholarships, university stability, faculty support, balancing the budget, and athletic facility improvements.

Before the homecoming festivities, Gallot visited Detroit to talk with some of their professional and community leaders and to also garner support for the Bring It Home Campaign. There, he met with automotive giants such as Ford Motor Company and General Motors, as well as other important businesses and organizations. Gallot also connected with the Detroit Alumni chapter, who presented him with a $10K check towards the campaign from the chapter.

While there, rolling out got the exclusive chance to talk with Gallot about his trip to Detroit, some of the university’s goals, and his future vision for the university.

What is your administration’s vision and forecast for Grambling State University?
Well, first of all we’ve set a five year goal of increasing our enrollment to 6K. This year we increased our enrollment by 7%, so we’re certainly on track to be able to achieve that goal. But not only to increase the number of students, but the quality as well. One of the things we see in our students this year, with incoming freshman, is an increase in composite ACT scores. So, we’re certainly excited about that as well. We’re adding additional programs, we’re adding a program in cyber security, data analytics big data, and we’re also adding a PhD program in criminology in social justice, that will be an extension of our existing criminal justice program that we’re currently offering, a bachelors and a masters. Those are just a few of the things that we’re looking to do to get bigger and better.

What is your goal/intended outcome with your meeting with Detroit-based professional and community leaders this weekend? 
Well, the first thing of course was to connect with our alumni base. No university can be successful without the support of the alumni. So, that was the first order of business: to be able to connect with alums in this Detroit area. And certainly we feel that that’s been very successful. But, in addition to that, we’re trying to reconnect with many of the corporate partners that we have historically endured a good relationship with and that is Ford and GM in particular that we met with on this trip. As we’ve gone around the country, meeting with alumni groups, we’ve had similar type meetings and what we’re doing is reconnecting with many organizations that we’ve previously had relationships with so that we can begin to have students take any internships with and employment opportunities and other things as well.

What was your most impressive find while here in the new Detroit? How does it tie into your educational vision for educational achievement at GSU?
It’s pretty fascinating to see the transformation in Detroit, in downtown in particular. That was pretty amazing to see, just seeing all the economic development, all of the housing development is shifting. So, just seeing all of that growth, is something that’s very exciting. And again, we want to provide part of the workforce that will be operating in this area. We probably have close to 100 students from Michigan right now at Grambling. So, we want to arm them with good education so they can come back and be community leaders and business leaders here in Detroit.

How can GSU alumni, in Detroit and beyond, better impact the sustainability and progression of the university?
It’s often said that athletics and in particular football, is the front porch to the institution. So, one of the things that we’re looking to do is to have our football team come up and play here in Detroit. And typically what we do is we will wrap recruiting and other things around the football games. We were [recently] in Chicago and so we recruited not only in high schools, but also at Malcolm X Community College there in Chicago. We want to do the same thing here in Detroit. Not only are we recruiting high school students, but also community college students who might transfer and faculty at the respective schools who might want to further their education online with either a Masters, or a PHd or an evening program and developmental education. We always want to wrap those kind of activities around athletic events and again, that’s one of the many things we love to do in reconnecting with Detroit.

Do you have plans to return in the near future? 
Absolutely. Certainly, we will be coming back and following up with some of the initial meetings that we’ve had here.

Photo gallery credit Porsha Monique for Steed Media

Grambling State University partners with United Way and Monster Motos

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By: Chelsea Jones

RUSTON – For about a decade Grambling State University and United Way have partnered  to better the communities in Northeast Louisiana through fundraising projects. They’ve joined with Monster Moto in Ruston to enhance it.

Monster Moto donated one of its classic B80CC bikes that GSU will be entering into its raffle. Efforts such as this are what President Rick Gallot says GSU is all about.

“We find that our partnerships are what make us Grambling State University who we are and what we are. So to have the opportunity to not only partner with United Way once again but to have a new partner in Monster Moto is just a great day,” says President Gallot.

The drawing for the mini bike will be Monday November 13, 2017.