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Department of Biology

Department of Biology

Biological Sciences Department Faculty & Staff

Dr. Hill, Dagne, Interim Dept. Head, Associate Professor Environ. ScienceDr. Hill, Dagne, Interim Dept Head
Associate Professor Environmental Science
Phone: (318) 274-3739
Carver Hall Room 138

Dr. Kim, Paul, Assistant Professor, Cell BiologyDr. Kim, Paul
Assistant Professor, Cell Biology
Phone: (318) 274-3738 
Carver Hall Room 117-D

Ms. McMurray, Angela, Administrative Support SpecialistMs. McMurray, Angela
Administrative Support Specialist
Phone: (318) 274-2446
Carver Hall Room 138

Dr. Dorsey, Waneene, Professor Environmental ScienceDr. Dorsey, Waneene
Professor Environmental Science
Phone: (318) 274-2399
Carver Hall Room 177
Dr. Stacey Duhon, Dean - COAS/Asst Professor, College of Arts & SciencesDr. Duhon, Stacey
Assist. Professor, Behavioral Genetics
Phone: (318) 274-6202
Carver Hall Room 114
Dr. Leung, Hung-Tat Tony, Associate Professor NeurobiologyDr. Leung, Hung-Tat Tony
Associate Professor, Neurobiology
Phone:  (318) 274-6296
Carver Hall 113-B

Ms. Anderson, LaQuetta, Lab Cord./InstructorMs. Anderson, LaQuetta
Lab. Cord. /Instructor
Phone: (318) 274-4016
Carver Hall Room 110
Dr. Martin, Benjamin, Associate Professor Botany/ZoologyDr. Martin, Benjamin F.
Associate Professor Botany/Zoology
Phone: (318) 274-3419
Carver Hall Room 47
Dr. Hector Douglass, Assistant Professor Marine BiologyDr. Hector Douglas
Assistant Professor Marine Biology
Phone: (318) 274-3740
Carver Hall Room 113-D
Dr. Ifeanyi, Felix, Professor MicrobiologyDr. Ifeanyi, Felix 
Professor Microbiology 
Phone: (318) 274-2348
Carver Hall Room 117-B
Ms. Katrina Harris, Lecturer I, Natural ScienceMs. Katrina Harris
Lecturer I, Natural Science
Phone: (318) 274-3882
Carver Hall Room 176
Dr. Audrey Kim, Lecturer I, Veterinary PharmacologyDr. Audrey Kim
Lecturer I, Veterinary Pharmacology
Phone: (318) 274-2101
Carver Hall Room 15
Dr. Nair Gopalakrishnan, Instructor, BotanyDr. Nair Gopalakrishnan

Instructor, Botany
Phone: (318) 274-3882
Carver Hall 176