Undergraduate Certificate (UC) in Data Analytics Curriculum

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
DA 101 Introduction to Data Analytics 3
DA 201 Foundations of Statistical Analysis 3
DA 301 Data Visualization 3
DA 401 Advanced Data Analytics 3
DA xxx Elective I 3
DA xxx Elective II 3
  Total   18 Credit Hours
Options for Elective Courses
Digital Methods for Literary Text Mining 3
Digital Methods for the Spatial Analysis of the Past 3
Business Analytics 3
Marketing Analytics 3
Data Mining in Bioinformatics 3
Social Media Analytics 3


Electives must be approved by advisor and the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Certificate Program. A minimum of 18 hours including the four core Data Analytics course is required to complete this certificate. The Introduction to Data Analytics can be substituted with the Intro to Big Data course with the approval of the UC Coordinator or the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A minimum grade of C must be obtained in all courses taken to obtain this certificate.