B.S. in Engineering Technology

Concentration in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology Program

Program Mission and Data

The Drafting and Design Engineering Technology (DDET) Program is an application-orientated program. The mission of the program is to meet the drafting design technology manpower needs of the State of Louisiana and the nation as a whole by producing graduates that possess the skills and knowledge that are necessary to be productive practicing Drafting and Design Engineering Technologists.

  2017-18 AY 2018-19 AY 2019-20 AY 2020-21 AY 2021-22 AY
Enrollment* 75 81 84 75 70
Graduates 7 4 13 17 5

Program Educational Objectives

  • DDET-EO-1: To prepare graduates who demonstrate knowledge of content that support professional competencies, skills, and abilities in the field of drafting design technology and related areas.
  • DDET-EO-2: To prepare graduates who continuously develop skills in problem solving, teamwork, and communication to effectively support and interface with engineering technologist, technicians, and engineers from technical disciplines.
  • DDET-EO-3: To prepare graduates who understand their professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • DDET-EO-4: To prepare graduates who understand the need for life-long learning, diversity, and knowledge of professional, societal, and global issues.

Student Outcomes

Program outcomes for the graduates of the Drafting and Design Engineering Technology Program are as follows:

  1. an ability to apply knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to solve broadly-defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline;
  2. an ability to design systems, components, or processes meeting specified needs for broadly-defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline;
  3. an ability to apply written, oral, and graphical communication in broadly-defined technical and non-technical environments; and an ability to identify and use appropriate technical literature;
  4. an ability to conduct standard tests, measurements, and experiments and to analyze and interpret the results to improve processes; and
  5. an ability to function effectively as a member as well as a leader on technical teams.

Students in the Drafting and Design Engineering Technology Program will use the modern technology of Computer-Aided Drafting and Design to develop graphic representations of buildings, machine elements and mechanical systems.

In addition to the required fundamental engineering technology and concentration core courses the program allows students to select technical and free electives. Students are advised to take appropriate electives with the guidance and approval of their academic advisors and department head.

ABET logoThis program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET (ETAC/ABET), 415 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. http://www.abet.org

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Edwin Thomas
(318) 274-3769