Degree Programs

Undergraduate Program

Students are encouraged to take classes pertaining to their interests, whether these include American history, African history, Religious history, or classical civilizations such as Ancient Rome. The history faculty offers additional courses of interest on a rotating schedule, including classes on comparative slavery, African American women’s history, intellectual history, and world religions. To complete the degree program, undergraduates must take two capstone courses such as historiography and the senior research project.

The undergraduate program in History currently offers four concentrations.

Graduate Program

The Master of Arts in Social Science prepares students for teaching careers at the community college level and for advanced study.  The majority of students that complete the MA in Social Science have gained employment in Louisiana, working at youth facilities, state facilities, and community colleges as instructors.  Four concentrations are offered with this degree program:  history, political science, psychology, and sociology.  The program requires the student to complete thirty (30) semester hours of course work.