Introduction to Historical Studies

At Grambling State University, the History Department emphasizes a program of study designed to wholly benefit the student, whether they are majors, minors, or non-majors.  The History Department cultivates a desire for learning and intellectual curiosity among its students, with an emphasis on cultural diversity.  The History Department’s faculty is committed to helping students develop the skills necessary for today’s professionally trained workforce—skills such as critical thinking, digital information management, written communication, public speaking, and research techniques and methodologies.

The History Department’s faculty hold a variety of degrees from highly-tiered graduate degree programs. Its faculty members, moreover, offer courses designed to instill leadership skills in students in hopes of training society’s future leaders.


The mission of the Department of History and Philosophy is to support, extend, and implement the mission of Grambling State University and the College of Liberal Arts. The Department serves a three fold purpose: (1) provide service courses for the University, (2) area studies for those students majoring in the disciplines, and (3) develop a well-rounded character responsible citizen. The Department seeks to develop and broaden general and specific historical, geographical, and philosophical knowledge of the multi-cultural clientele.

A note from the Chair:

Welcome to Grambling State University's Department of History and Geography.

The History and Geography Department offers courses in European, African, and American history, as well as a variety of courses in topics such as race, gender, and digital humanities. The Department serves a wide range of students, and the professors encourage every student to attend graduate and professional schools in a number of disciplines. The Department has experts  in the history of the African Diaspora, Latin American history, southern history, Mediterranean history,  and African American women's history, just to name a few fields.

Our principal duty to the students is to offer foundational and elective courses exploring the depth and breadth of history. Our chief pleasure is engaging the energetic minds, hailing from cities and states across the nation, who have chosen to attend Grambling State University. And for students of history, our standards of insight and contemplation are rigorous, vigorous, and, at times, exacting. But we're here for the love to the craft, and we want to share our dedication with you.

Reverend C.L. Franklin, father of Aretha Franklin, writes historian Nick Salvatore, created the sense of "somebody ness" in his sermons for his parishioners. At Grambling State University, every body is somebody, just as C.L. Franklin meant somebody ness to be.

Join us in the exploration of History, Geography, and Philosophy.
With warm regards,

Department Head:

Edward L. Holt
Interim Department Head
Charles P. Adams Hall 324
Phone: 318-274-6418
Pre-Modern Mediterranean History and Digital Humanities