Faculty & Staff

Bassidy Dembele, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Bassidy Dembele, Ph.D., Associate Professor


Ph.D. (2008) Howard University

Research Interests: Dynamical System, and Mathematical Biology.

My research has mainly focused on the use of dynamical system and statistical theories to study the spread of infectious diseases such as Malaria, HIV, Typhoid, etc. I am interested in stability analysis, bifurcation theory, and periodic solutions.

Selected Publications:

  • B. Dembele.; A. Friedman. ; A. A. Yakubu.: Malaria model with periodic birth and death rates. Journal of Biological Dynamics (Published), July 2009.
  • B. Dembele.; A. Friedman. ; A. A. Yakubu.: Mathematical model for testing the effectiveness of sulfadoxine pyrimethane as temporary malaria vaccine. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (Published), May 2010.
  • B. Dembele.; A. A. Yakubu.: Optimal treated mosquito bed nets and insecticides for eradication of malaria in Missira, DCDS-B Vol. 17, no.6, September 2012.
  • B. Dembele.; A. A. Yakubu.:  Controlling Imported Malaria Cases In The United States of America, MBE vol. 14, no. 1, 2017.