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Dr. Matthew F. Ware

Associate Professor

Dr. Matthew F. Ware


Dr. Matthew F. Ware is a native of Sugartown, LA. He is a 1975 physics graduate of Grambling State University. Dr. Ware’s expertise is in the area of magnetic properties of condensed matter. He has published research in condensed matter, atmospheric science, and bioelectromagnetics. Dr. Ware’s publications include the first report of superconductivity in melt-grown Y-Ba-Cu high-Tc superconductors. He serves as Grambling State University’s campus director of LaSPACE, Louisiana’s Space Grant Consortium and PACER, a Louisiana State University-led consortium funded by the National Science Foundation, which supports high-altitude balloon research at minority institutions. Dr. Ware is also the campus director for the Joint Faculty Appointment Program in the Physics partnership with neighboring Louisiana Tech University.

Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy (Physics, December 1987)
Howard University
Washington, DC 20059
Dissertation:    High-Field, Low-Temperature Magnetic Properties of Copper (II) Complexes of Bidentate Salicylaldimine 

Master of Science (Physics, May 1978)
Howard University
Washington, DC 20059
Dissertation:    The Spectral Characteristics of a Spin-Flip Laser 

Bachelor of Arts (Physics, May 1975)
Grambling State University
Grambling, LA 71245


H. Hojaji, K. A. Michael, A. Barkatt, A. N. Thorpe, M. F. Ware, I. G. Talmy, D. A. Haught, S. Alterescu, “A Comparative Study of Sintered and Melt-grown Recrystallized YBa2Cu3Ox,” J. Mater. Res. 4, 28 (1989)

J. Grant, A. Thorpe, C. James, A. Michael, M. Ware, F. Senftle, S. Smith, “Gas Dynamics, Characterization and Calibration of Fast Flow Flight Cascade Impactor Quartz Crystal Microbalances (QCM) for Aerosol Measurements,” Proceedings of the NASA University Research Center (URC) Conference, Volume I, M. Jamshidi, et. al. editors, University of New Mexico Press (1997)

T. Bojjawar, M. Jalari, E. Aamodt, M. Ware, D. Haynie, “Influence of Electromagnetic Nanopulses on C. Elegans Fertility,” Bioelectromagnetics, 27, 515 (2006)