Department of Public Administration

Mission Statement

The Public Administration Department at Grambling State University houses the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program which is accredited National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), the body which reviews and accredits national and international public affairs education programs.

The mission of the MPA program at GSU is “to prepare individuals for administrative careers in governmental sectors (i.e. federal, state, and local) as well as provide graduate degree opportunities.”

To accomplish its mission, which supports that of the university, observable goals and outcomes were established which are used to evaluate the program’s success and also ensure that assessment expectations are met.


Program Goals

Goal 1: Promote excellence in student support services

Goal 2: Train and prepare students for civil service careers

Goal 3: Foster a strong connection to the professional community and the region through well designed and enriching practical experiences for the students and  faculty

Goal 4: Encourage faculty excellence in teaching, research productivity, and service to the profession

Goal 5: Advance and maintain an ongoing collaborative oversight of the program


Degree Program Offered

The Public Administration Department is an academic unit in the College of Arts and Sciences which offers a graduate degree in:



Sponsored Activities:

The MPA program sponsors co-curricular activities, including:

*The Master of Public Administration Association (MPPA)

*The Health Service Administration Club

*The PI Gamma Mu National Social Science Honor Society


Research Activities:

Graduate students in the Public Administration Department are encouraged to attend professional conferences, engage in independent research efforts, and join faculty on research projects. The Office of Academic Affairs often provides sponsorship for faculty to attend professional meetings and conference, while the Graduate Students’ Association provides funding for students to attend annual meetings and to and conferences.



Admission into the MPA program is managed and coordinated jointly by both the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the MPA program. The School of Graduate Studies first receives and evaluates potential applications, and forwards eligible applications to the MPA faculty Evaluation Committee to screens applicants for admission into the program.



The MPA program is governed by a Director and the Nucleus faculty.




Department Head:

Lemmy Akoma

Geoffrey Lemmy Akoma, Ph.D., M.P.A.

Interim Head, Public Administration Department

Nila Willhoite Endowed Professor for Health Administration

Director, Master of Public Administration Program

Professor & Academic Adviser

Jacob T. Stewart Suite 328

Grambling State University | Grambling, LA 71245

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