Curriculum in the MPA Program

A minimum of 45 credit hours is required for the MPA degree, including at least 12 credit hours in an area of concentration, 3 elective hours and the completion of an Administrative Internship.  Although it is not a requirement, a student may choose to specialize in more than one concentration area.  However, each specialization requires 12 hours or 4 three-credit courses in the specialization area. 

In addition to the course work, a student must pass a written Comprehensive Examination in the Core Area and in the chosen Area of Concentration. Eligibility requirements for the Comprehensive Exam are set forth in the “Policies and Procedures for the Administration and Evaluation of the Comprehensive Examination” guidelines A student must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA.  MPA students must have a “B” or above in all core and concentration courses.

Core Courses

PA 523- Graduate Writing Workshop
PA 500- Principles of Public Admin
PA 519- Information Techn. for Public  Man
PA 556- Quan. and Qual. Res.  Meth. Public Adm
PA 502- Organizational Theory & Behavior
PA 512- Policy Formation, Implementation  and Eval
PA 504- Public Personnel Administration
PA 506- Public Budgeting Financial
PA 560- Ethics & Leadership in Public  Admin
PA 553 Administrative Internship
Total Core Courses
Concentration Area
PA Electives


*Must be taken during the first semester

Areas of Concentration
Students must complete at least four specialty courses in an Area of Concentration.    Within each field, there is a sequence of courses designed to provide each student with specialized knowledge and skill-sets.  Such courses should be taken in the chronological order recommended by the Advisor.  Moreover, each Area of Concentration has a required introductory course that should be taken before enrolling in other specialty courses or in conjunction with other specialty courses. The four Areas of Concentration and the required course for each area are listed below:

Public Management
Required:   PA 520    Public  Policy and Program Evaluation             

Human Resource Management
Required: PA 525 Human Resources Policy Formation & Admin.

State and Local Government
Required:    PA 520    Public Policy and Program Evaluation          

Health Service Administration
Required: PA 540 Introduction to Health Service Problems
Concentration in Public Management
PA 513                     Administrative Law
PA 514                     City Management
PA 515                     Intergovernmental Administration
PA 516                     Taxation and Revenue Policy
PA 517                     Administrative Behavior
PA 518                     Women & Minorities in State and Local Government
PA  520                    Public Policy and Program Evaluation*
PA 521                     Topical Seminar in Public Policy
                               *Required Course    
Concentration in Human Resource Management
PA 522             Performance Appraisal
PA 524             Labor Mgmt. and Collective Bargaining
PA 525             Human Resource Policy Formation &   Admin.  *  
PA 527             Human Resource Management
                          *Required Course    
Concentration in State & Local Government Administration
PA 510       Admin. State and Local Government
PA  513      Administrative Law
PA  514      City Management
PA  515      Intergovernmental Administration   
PA 516        Taxation and Revenue Policy
PA 517        Administrative Behavior
PA 518        Women and Minorities in State and Local Govt.
PA 520       Public Policy and Program Evaluation*
PA  531      Fiscal Mgmt. for State/Local Government 
Concentration in Health Service Administration
PA 540            Introduction to Health Service Problem *
PA 541            Contemporary Health Service Issues
PA 542            Public Health Management
PA 543            Hospital Organization and Management
PA 544             Issues in Health Care
PA 546            Special Topics is Public Health
PA 547            Law and Public Health
                       *Required Course    

Elective Courses
PA  505      Proseminar in American Government and Public Policy
PA  507      Independent Study**
PA  550      Group Dynamics in Organizations
PA  552      International Organization Administration
PA  565      Special Topics in Public Administration***

**Not an exhaustive list.  See Departmental Advisor for other elective courses.