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Mission and Overview

The mission of the Master of Public Administration Program is to prepare individuals from diverse and multicultural backgrounds for administrative careers in federal, state, and local government services and other public and non-profit organizations.  The MPA Program prepares its students to be critical thinkers who are capable of applying the knowledge of public administration specifically in the areas of policymaking, policy evaluation and execution with a focus on ethical conduct in public management.  The Master of Public Administration Program at Grambling State University is the only accredited MPA program in north Louisiana and one of only two accredited MPA programs in the state of Louisiana.

The major objectives of the MPA Program are:  (1) to provide students with the intellectual insights, professional competence, and analytical techniques that will prepare them for service in public agencies and non-profit organizations;  (2) to provide in-service professionals in Louisiana and other parts of the country with the opportunity to upgrade their management skills and administrative training, thereby enhancing their possibilities for career advancement and concurrently increasing their understanding of local governance, public finance and human resource management.

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration offers the following graduate degree:  Master of Public Administration (MPA) with a concentration in one of four areas: 

  • Public Management
  • State and Local Government
  • Human Resource Management
  • Health Services Administration

Students who are accepted into the MPA Program must complete core courses and specialty courses in at least one area of concentration.

Click here for MPA Admissions Packet


Public Information

MPA Program FALL 2022/Spring 2023 Enrollment

MPA Program Fall 2022/Enrollment

Out-of-State Students: 24
International Students: 1
Female Students: 44
Male Students: 23
Part-Time Students: 0
Caucasian & other 0
Total Number of Students Currently Enrolled 67

GRADUATION RATES AY5 (FALL 2022/Spring 2023)


  Initially Enrolled % Graduated in 2 years % Graduated in 3 years % Graduated in 4 years Total student graduated and persisting graduation 
Number of students 100% 20% 60% 100% 100%

MPA Career Placement (within 6 months of Graduation) FALL 2022/Spring 2023

MPA Career Placement (within 6 months of Graduation)

Sector Number
National or central government in the same country as the program 0
State, provincial or regional government in the same country as the program 7
City, County, or other local government in the same country as the program 0
Government not in the same country as the program (all levels) or international quasi-governmental 0
Nonprofit domestic-oriented 2
Nonprofit/NGOs internationally oriented 0
Private Sector – Research/Consulting 0
Private Sector but not research/ consulting 1
Obtaining further education 0
Military Service 0
Unemployed (not seeking employment) 0
Unemployed (seeking employment) 0
Status Unknown 0
TOTAL Number Employed 10

COST OF DEGREE (Graduate Fees Fall 2022)

COST OF DEGREE (Graduate Fees Fall 2022)

  Resident Non-Resident 
Hours Commuting
(Off Campus)
 Traditional Dorm Boarding
(On Campus)
(Off Campus)
(On Campus)
12 3,811.50 7,471.50 8,323.00 11,983.00
11 3,777.00 7,437.00 8,288.50 11,948.50
10 3,742.50 7,402.50 8,254.00 11,914.00
9 3,708.00 7,368.00 8,219.50 11,879.50
8 3,372.50 7,032.50 7,384.50 11,044.50
7 3,054.00 6,714.00 6,564.50 10,224.50
6 2,735.50 6,395.50 5,744.50 9,404.50
5 2,385.00 6,045.00 4,892.50 8,552.50
4 2,066.50 5,726.50 4,072.50 7,732.50
1-3 1,748.00 5,408.00 1,748.00 5,408.00