Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation LAMP


GRE Preparation:

GRE score is very important for being accepted by a graduate program. It also has been used as a factor to determine whether a student should be offered a scholarship. There are three parts in a GRE test: writing, vocabulary, and math. In general, a student will have to prepare for a long period of time in order to significantly improve his/her score, it is recommended that you make a plan and start today. The CRC (Curriculum Resources Center), located in Carver Hall, Room 107, will have the computer lab for you to practice on GRE examination. Throughout the academic year, there are some other programs will also offer GRE preparation seminars. We will inform you when they are scheduled. Sign your name each time when you used CRC or attended a tutorial session.

Summer Internship Opportunities/Application Assistant:

Summer internship is one very important step for one to prepare himself for graduate school. The LS-LAMP at GSU encourages all the LAMP scholars to complete at least three applications for summer internship. The internship opportunity information can be obtained through each department head and the GSU LAMP staff. We will assist you to find the right position and to complete the application. You may start the process at beginning of each spring semester.