Doctorate of Criminology and Justice Administration Program

The Doctorate (Ph.D.) of Science degree with a major in Criminology and Justice Administration is offered for those students who complete the outlined program of study and meet the requirements of the Department of Criminal Justice and the College of Liberal Arts.

Degree Requirements: A total of 57 credit hours, as given below:

Course Number Course Title Hours
Course Requirements for Non-Criminal Justice Majors
*CJ 500  Overview of the Criminal Justice System 3
*CJ 502  Writing Seminar for Criminal Justice 3
*CJ 505  Theories of Crime and Delinquency 3
Core Courses (21 Required Hours)
 CJA 603  History and Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice 3
 CJA 605  Seminar in Criminological Theory 3
 CJA 607  Class, Race, Gender, and Justice  3
 CJA 631  Justice and Public Policy Analysis 3
 CJA 649  Justice Planning and Program Evaluation 3
 CJA 705  Leadership Theory and Practice 3
 CJA 719  Justice Conflict Management & Resolution 3
Areas of Concentration (12 Hours Required)
 CJA  Elective 3
 CJA  Elective 3
 CJA  Elective 3
 CJA  Elective 3
Research Courses (12 Hours Required)
 CJA 726  Applied Research Design Methods I 3
 CJA 727  Applied Research Design Methods II 3
 CJA 727  Applied Statistics 3
 CJA 736  Qualitative Research Methods 3
Dissertation Required Courses (12 Hours Required)
 CJA 786  Dissertation Proposal I 3
 CJA 790  Dissertation Proposal II 3
 CJA 796  Dissertation 6
 CJA 800  Oral Defense of Dissertation 0
Total Credit Hours:   57
Substitutions or Accepted Courses (Must be Approved by Program Director)


*Students who have earned a master’s degree in a non-criminal justice area will be required to enroll in CJ: 500: Overview of the Criminal Justice System, CJ 502: Writing Seminar for Criminal Justice, and CJ: 505 Theories of Crime and Delinquency. These courses are prerequisites for non-criminal justice majors and should be taken during Summer I and II prior to taking required courses in the proposed program. The purpose of these courses is to provide familiarity with the criminal justice system. 

Ph.D. Curriculum Plan of Study

Ph. D. Program Application