Grambling Achievement Program


The mission of the Grambling Achievement Program (GAP), is to ensure that first time students experience a smooth transition from high school to college by providing foundational information that will support and enhance their matriculation from the first-year through graduation.


The GAP is comprised of an orientation for new and transitional students, academic advisement and counseling, and seminar-based instruction that will guide the student through the first year of college. The GAP is staffed by a faculty dedicated to the success of the first year college student. The services provided by the FYE Program are designed to support the academic success and retention efforts at Grambling State University.


The goals of the program are to (1) provide historical milestones about Grambling; (2) introduce the entering student to the University’s academic programs, general education requirements, student handbook, University catalog, financial aid and registration processes, and University policies and procedures; (3) provide survival skills such as goal setting; time management; learning styles, career personality assessment, and active learning; critical thinking; listening, note-taking, and class participation; reading to remember; test-taking skills, writing and speaking for success; service learning; and research in the college library; and (4) through the Office of Retention, enhance student success awareness by monitoring grades and attendance, and providing campus resources and tutorial services with a special emphasis on “at-risk” students.


Grambling State University
Grambling Achievement Program (GAP)
First Year Experience
Brown Hall, P. O. BOX 4237
Grambling, LA 71245
Phone: (318)-274-6127
Fax: (318)-274-38001


Ms. Brittany L. Hoskin, Coordinator/Instructor
(318) 274-6222
Brown Hall Room 207

Mrs. Jeanette Moss, Administrative Coordinator
(318) 274 - 6127
Brown Hall 218

Mrs. Latotsha M. Britt, Instructor
(318) 274-3808
Brown Hall Room 217

Mrs. Susan B. Wiley, Instructor
(318) 274-6529
Brown Hall Room 211

Mrs. Keli M. Wright, Retention Specialist
(318) 274-2095
Brown Hall Room 132