Brand Evolution

Every encounter with this institution– whether in person, online, or through services – is an opportunity to share our story. Defining our identity is essential for presenting the face of our institution with a unified and unapologetically distinctive GSU voice and treatment.


What has been perceived to date for Grambling State University only scratches the surface. In our current commercial, the question is asked, ‘What is Grambling State?’ Now is the time we must take to define our story in a way that can be communicated consistently across all platforms.


What comes next is an evolution of the brand as we know it. There are elements of this process that will change immediately and portions that will be implemented in phases. You are a partner in this endeavor and your feedback is essential to our research, development, and activation of the brand. For your reference, an outline is provided below of immediate and forthcoming changes. If you have any questions, please email us at