Purchasing Basics

The following purchasing basics are intended to summarize general guidance in making purchases for the University.

  • Procurement purchases over $30,001 must be competitively bid. 
  • Regardless of funding source (E.g., state, grant, foundation), if the purchase and/or payment goes through Purchasing and/or the Controller’s office, state procurement rules must be followed.
  • No Sales Tax. It is your responsibility to notify the vendor that GSU is a tax-exempt agency. Click here: TAX ID LETTER; TAX EXEMPTION FORM; GSU W-9 FORM for vendor specific processes to make a tax-exempt purchase. 
  • Late Fees should not be assessed to the state except in accordance with LA R.S. 39:1695
  • No food or beverages for general consumption.
  • No Gift Cards/Certificates, nor cash awards.
  • All capital purchases of a single item with a value of $1,000 or more should be allocated to the proper account to ensure tagging by property control.
  • No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.
  • Prior approval from the VP of Finance for all reimbursements. Original, itemized receipts are required for payment for reimbursement.
  • Ensure available funding and proper approval prior to purchase.
  • If funding is not available at the account level, a budget transfer must be sent to the Budget Office prior to purchase.
  • Obtain all necessary approvals on Check Requests and Change Orders prior to submitting to Purchasing.
  • Purchases must be received, invoiced, and paid within the same Fiscal Year.
  • When entering a Requisition in Banner, it is important to note that the Transaction Date will determine the Fiscal Year for which the transaction will be reported.
  • All purchases are for authorized University use only (not for personal use).
  • All contracts must be prescreened by Purchasing and Compliance to ensure compliance with state required verbiage.
  • Contracts can only be signed by the Delegated Authority for the University.
  • Auto renewal language in contracts is not permissible.
  • If travel is part of a contract, the travel must be in compliance with PPM49 travel regulations.
  • No Advance Payments.
  • Personal, Professional, Social, and Consulting Services (PPCS) require a contract and may require a competitive RFP process above certain dollar threshold.
  • When drafting a contract, always use the most current contract template available on the Purchasing website.
  • Vendors working onsite may be required to sign a Worker’s Comp and Indemnification release form and provide the University with a Certificate of Insurance.
  • Purchase from State Contracts when available, but note that some state contracts still require competitive bids (E.g., LAPS contracts require at least 2 competitive quotes when the price exceeds $25,000).
  • Include a vendor number on all check requests. If you have a NEW Vendor, please send the vendor’s W9 to the Purchasing Department for Vendor Number assignment.
  • Technology quotes should be obtained through Jordan Butler in the IT Department to ensure device compliance with University standards.

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