Confirming Purchase Order, Purchases not exceeding $5,000 in Accordance with Executive Order No. JBE 20-21

PO Type: CO – Confirming Order (< $5,000).

The “Confirming Purchase Order” (PO Type CO) is procurement of services, supplies, and materials that are picked up by the requesting department from off-campus vendors or an order was placed verbally with the vendor and the vendor does not require a purchase order.

Confirming Purchases are a one-time process and do not allow for partial receiving and partial payments.


Managing Invoices from Vendors under "Confirming Purchase Order" Purchases:

When making approved purchases under the Confirming Purchase Order process, the Accounts Payable Department must acquire the original invoice from the vendor in accordance with Confirming Purchase Order purchases and submit to with the Purchase Order number written on the invoice.

A copy of the invoice identifying the name of the University department or employee is routed to the Budget Unit Head to complete the proper payment and receiving procedures.

Confirming orders to reimburse employees must be entered less any tax charges incurred as GSU is tax exempt and not subject to payment of Louisiana state taxes.