Sole Source Purchases

In accordance with Louisiana Procurement Code R.S. 39:1597, sole source procurement is permitted without competition when, under regulations, the Director of Purchasing or his designee above the level of procurement officer determines in writing that there is only one source for the required supply, service, or major repair item.

Sole Source Proprietary Form  (Link) 


Conditions for Use of Sole Source Procurement

  1. Any request by a Budget Unit Head that a procurement be restricted to one potential contractor shall be accompanied by an explanation as to why no other will be suitable or acceptable to meet the need.
  2. Sole Source procurement is permissible only if a requirement is available from a single supplier. A requirement for a proprietary item does not justify a sole source procurement if there is more than one potential bidder or offer or for that item. Examples of circumstances which could necessitate sole source procurement are:
    1. Where the compatibility of equipment, accessories, or replacement parts is the paramount consideration.
    2. Where a sole supplier's items are needed for trial use or
    3. Procurement of items for
    4. Procurement of public utility