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Department of Educational Leadership

Department of Educational Leadership

Important Information Related to the Dissertation

1. Copies of Dissertation

  1. The original (on white bond paper with fiber content of at least 25% and 20 lb. weight or heavier) and five (4) copies (on high quality Xerox paper) of the approved and signed unbound copies of the dissertation and abstracts (350 words or less) must be transmitted to the School of Graduate Studies by the posted date in a particular semester.*
  2. The dissertations are distributed as follows:
      1. Bound original – School of Graduate Studies
      2. Bound copy – University Library
      3. Bound copy – Major Professor
      4. Bound copy – Student (Graduate)
      5. Bound copy – Department of Educational Leadership
      6. Unbound copy – ProQuest, Ann Arbor Michigan

(Students may order additional bound copies for themselves, committee members, relatives or friends.)

2. Associated Fee (Current)

  1. 4 copies of dissertation @ 15/copy (binding cost) = $60.00

To be able to graduate, you must pay total fees due at the GSU Accounting Office. Please submit a copy of the receipt to Ms. Katina Crowe at the Graduate School.

3. Transmitting Dissertation to ProQuest

  1. Submit completed Dissertation Agreement Form to the Department of Educational Leadership or School of Graduate Studies.
  2. Publication of Dissertations with ProQuest
  3. Completion of the Survey of Earned Doctorates

*See Timeline for Dissertation Approval

Additional Information

Contact Information

Dr. Cheyrl Mansfield Ensley
Interim Department Head/Associate Professor
Departments of Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Leadership