Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation (CAEP) Welcome Message

Welcome to Grambling State University’s College of Education! Our College of Education is known for producing knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate educators and other school professionals.

Since the last NCATE/CAEP site visit in fall 2016, our faculty and educator preparation programs continue to produce well-prepared teachers and educational leaders who are facilitators of learning, masters of subject matter content, and enhancers and nurturers of affective behaviors. We continue to have extensive field/clinical experience opportunities for candidates, so that they can receive real-world experience during the preparation process. Also, our educator preparation programs still have a dedicated, productive faculty who model the professoriate’s world of teaching, research and service.

We are at the dawn of a new era where institutional transition affords us an opportunity to re-examine and revise operational procedures, policies and practices with the intended outcome of efficacy and efficiency. The next CAEP reaffirmation site visit is scheduled for Spring 2023. Again, welcome to the College of Education and to Grambling State University, “Where Everybody is Somebody.”

Dean, College of Education


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