NCATE Exhibit Lists

2016 NCATE Exhibits Lists
Conceptual Framework Exhibits Standard 1 Exhibits
Standard 2 Exhibits Standard 3 Exhibits
Standard 4 Exhibits Standard 5 Exhibits
Standard 6 Exhibits Annual Reports
SPA Accreditation Reports Handbooks

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Conceptual Framework Exhibits:

Conceptual Framework Tree Graphic


Exhibit I.5.a

Pages from catalogs and other printed documents describing general education, specialty/content studies, and professional studies

Exhibit 1.5.a.1

GSU General Catalog, 2013-2015, p.1

Exhibit 1.5.a.2

Changes to the Unit since 2010 NCATE Accreditation Visit

Exhibit 1.5.a.3

GSU General Catalog 2013- 2015, p. 53

Exhibit 1.5.a.4

GSU Educator Preparation Programs and their Review Status (Spring 2015

Exhibit 1.5.a.5

Louisiana Board of Regents Current Inventory of Active Degree Programs

Exhibit 1.5.a.6

ATCP/MAT Brochure

Exhibit 1.5.a.7

University Student Demographics

Exhibit 1.5.a.8

GSU eFact Book 2014-2015



Exhibit I.5.b

Examples of syllabi for professional education courses

Exhibit 1.5.b.1

GSU NCATE Syllabus Template

Exhibit 1.5.b.2

GSU NCATE Syllabus


Exhibit I.5.c

Conceptual framework(s)

Exhibit 1.5.c.1

Conceptual Framework Tree

Exhibit 1.5.c.1.a

Conceptual Framework Overview

Exhibit 1.5.c.2

Alignment of State, Professional and Institutional Standards

Exhibit 1.5.c.2.a

Changes to the Unit’s Conceptual Framework

Exhibit 1.5.c.3

Conceptual Framework Theme and Selected Program Outcomes Survey

Exhibit 1.5.c.4

Knowledge Bases 2015

Exhibit 1.5.c.5

COE COAS PRAXIS Oversight Meeting Agenda 2-10-2015

Exhibit 1.5.c.6

Conceptual Framework E-mails

Exhibit 1.5.c.7

Example of Conceptual Framework Meeting Sign-in Sheet

Exhibit 1.5.c.8

NCATE Assessment Review Panel Meeting Agenda

Exhibit 1.5.c.9

NCATE Assessment Review Panel Meeting Minutes 12-17-2014

Exhibit 1.5.c.10

Conceptual Framework Meeting Minutes 11-26-2012

Exhibit 1.5.c.11

Conceptual Framework Meeting Minutes 2-19-2013

Exhibit 1.5.c.12

Conceptual Framework Meeting Notes 10-30-2014

Exhibit 1.5.c.13

Conceptual Framework Brochure (Front)

Exhibit 1.5.c.14

Conceptual Framework Brochure (Inside)

Exhibit 1.5.c.15

Conceptual Framework Update

Exhibit 1.5.c.16

Dual Advisement Committee Meeting Minutes 4-9-2013

Exhibit 1.5.c.17

Dual Advisement Committee Meeting Minutes 6-3-2013

Exhibit 1.5.c.18

Revised Process of Dual Advisement Fall 2013

Exhibit 1.5.c.19

PRAXIS Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes 4-23-2013

Exhibit 1.5.c.20

Conceptual Framework Draft in Progress


Exhibit I.5.d

Findings of other national accreditation associations related to the preparation of education professionals (e.g., ASHA, NASM, APA, CACREP)

Exhibit 1.5.d.1

NASM Report


Exhibit I.5.e

Updated institutional, program, and faculty information under institutional work space in AIMS (This has been updated in AIMS)


Standard 1 Exhibits:


  • Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and DispositionsCandidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions
    Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions (Candidate Assessment Data across the unit)


State program review documents and state findings


  • Title II reportsTitle II reports
    Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years.


Key assessments and scoring guides fused for assessing candidate learning


Aggregate data on key assessments, including proficiencies identified in the unit’s CF



  • Aggregate data on key assess (prof disp)Aggregate data on key assess (prof disp)
    Aggregate data on key assessments of candidates’ professional dispositions (Data should be disaggregated by program and level regardless of location or method of delivery.)





  • Data Collected by state and/or national agenciesData Collected by state and/or national agencies
    Data Collected by state and/or national agencies on performance of educator preparation programs and the effectiveness of their graduates in classrooms and schools, including student achievement data, when available.


Standard 2 Exhibits:


Continuous improvement


Candidate complaints


File of complaints/resolutions


Changes made



Standard 3 Exhibits:



Exhibit 3.4.b

Aggregate data on candidate placement in field experiences and clinical practice (Data should be disaggregated by program and level regardless of location or method of delivery)

Exhibit 3.4.b.1


Exhibit 3.4.b.2

Field Clinical Sites

Exhibit 3.4.b.3

Field Experience Diversity Chart

Exhibit 3.4.b.4

Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice Faculty Info


Exhibit 3.4.b.5

Student Teacher Placements Fall 2011 thru Spring 2015

Exhibit 3.4.b.6

Demographics on Clinical Sites for initial and Advanced Programs

Exhibit 3.4.b.7

Standard 3Questions for Principals and Cooperating Teachers

Exhibit 3.4.b.8

Pre-Student Teaching Seminar Agendas

Exhibit 3.4.b.9

Standard 3 Committee Members

Exhibit 3.4.b.10

Standard 3 Committee Meeting Agendas

Exhibit 3.4.b.11

Sample Placement Request Letter



Exhibit 3.4.c

Criteria for the selection of clinical faculty, which includes both higher education and P-12 school faculty

Exhibit 3.4.c.1

Clinical Faculty Spring 2011-Fall 2014

Exhibit 3.4.c.2

Data on Cooperating Teachers

Exhibit 3.4.c.3

Data on University Supervisors

Exhibit 3.4.c.4

DLQOAC Certified Faculty

Exhibit 3.4.c.5

Supervisor of Student Teaching Criteria


Exhibit 3.4.c.6

University Supervisors Fall 2011 thru Spring 2015


Exhibit 3.4.d

Examples of support and evaluation of clinical faculty across programs

Exhibit 3.4.d.1

Cooperating Teacher Evaluation forms ( by candidate and by University Supervisor)

Exhibit 3.4.d.2

University Supervisor Evaluation forms (by candidate and by Cooperating Teacher)

Exhibit 3.4.d.3

Agendas COE COAS PRAXIS Oversight Meeting April 10

Exhibit 3.4.d.4

Clinical Faculty Data (Spring 2011- Fall 2014)

Exhibit 3.4.d.5

Dual Advisement Committee

Exhibit 3.4.d.6

Dual Advisement Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Exhibit 3.4.d.7

Revised Process of Dual Advisement EDL Internship Candidate Evaluation

Exhibit 3.4.d.9

EDL Record of Internship Experiences

Exhibit 3.4.d.10

Employer Survey



Exhibit 3.4.f

Assessment instruments and scoring guides used for and data collected from field experiences and clinical practice for all programs, including use of technology for teaching and learning (These assessments may be included in program review documents or the exhibits for Standard 1. Cross reference as appropriate.)

Exhibit 3.4.f.1

Student Teacher Evaluation Checklist

Exhibit 3.4.f.2

Student Teacher Evaluation Rubric

Exhibit 3.4.f.3

Dispositions Inventory

Exhibit 3.4.f.4

Digital Portfolio Rubric

Exhibit 3.4.f.5

Student Teacher Portfolio Samples

Exhibit 3.4.f.6

Summary of Completers' Field Experience Clinical Hours

Exhibit 3.4.f.7

Teacher Candidate Evaluation Results

Exhibit 3.4.f.8

Record of Observation Participation Experiences

Exhibit 3.4.f.9

Student Teacher Exit Interview Questions

Exhibit 3.4.f.10

Evaluation Checklist ATCP MAT Intern

Exhibit 3.4.f.11

Student Teacher Reflection Questions


Exhibit 3.4.g

Aggregate data on candidates entering and exiting from clinical practice for all programs (These assessments may be included in program review documents or the exhibits for Standard 1. Cross reference as appropriate.

Exhibit 3.4.g.1

Data Tables for Admission to Teacher Education Programs

Exhibit 3.4.g.2

Data Table on Candidate Demographics

Exhibit 3.4.g.3

Teacher Education Candidates 2013-2014

Exhibit 3.4.g.4

Total Number of Teacher Candidates Admitted to Degree Programs

Exhibit 3.4.g.5

Student Teacher Evaluation Data

Exhibit 3.4.g.6

Candidate Impact on PK-12 Student Learning


Standard 4 Exhibits:


Curriculum and Experiences Related to Diversity

Exhibit 1.5.c.1  and 1.5.c.1a

Conceptual Framework

Exhibit 1.5.c.1a

Diversity Proficiencies

Exhibit 1.5.c2

Knowledge Bases & Curricular Experiences

Exhibit 2.2.b.1

Syllabi Ed 200, Ed 300, Ed 317, Ed 322, Ed 452

Exhibit 3.4.b.5

Ed 455 Student Teaching Placements


Exhibit 3.4.b.2


Field & clinical Experiences

Exhibit 4.4.a.1

Impact on Students Learning

Exhibit 4.4.a.2

Cultural Outreach


Exhibit 4.4a.3

Multicultural Day Pictures



Exhibit 4.4.a.4

International Programs




Curriculum components and experiences that address diversity proficiencies

Exhibit 4.4.b.1

Matrix of Required Courses with diversity proficiencies

Exhibit 3.4.b.5

Practicum Experiences

Exhibit 4.4.b.2

Marvelous Me Link

Exhibit 4.4.b.4

High School Day

Exhibit 4.4.b.5 

Community Aids Project  Picture

Exhibit 4.4.b.6 

Women in Distance Learning  in Higher education

Exhibit 4.4.b.7 

Kappa Delta Pi

Exhibit 4.4.b.9 

Apple HBCU Scholars Program

Exhibit 4.4.b.10

The role of women in Diverse Culture

Exhibit 4.4.b. 11

Elderly in The Community Project




Assessment instruments and scoring guides related to candidates meeting diversity proficiencies, including impact on student learning

Exhibit 4.4. c.1 

Reconstructing Lives

Exhibit 4.4.c.2 

ULM Symposium(2013) Candidate Power Point Presentation




Data table on Faculty Demographics

Exhibit 4.4.d.1

Faculty Demographics



Data Table On Candidates Demographics

Exhibit  3.4.b.3

Exhibit  3.4.b.3 Candidate Demographics

Exhibit 4.4.e.1

Candidate Demographics 2012-2014

Exhibit 4.4.e.2

Exhibit 4.4.e.2 Enrollment depicting countries represented at GSU 2014/15




Data table on Demographics of P-12 students in schools used for clinical practice

Exhibit 4.4.f.1

Demographics of P-12 students




Policies and practices, including good faith efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse faculty

Exhibit 4.4.g.1

Affirmation Action Plan

Exhibit 4.4.g.2

Diversity & Multicultural Plan


Exhibit 4.4.g.3

High School Day Pictures


 Policies and practices, including good faith efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse candidates

Exhibit 4.4.h.1

GSU Strategic  Plan

Exhibit 4.4.h.2

Catalogue :




Policies, procedures, and practices that support candidates working with P-12 students from diverse groups

Exhibit 3.4.e.2

OPLE Handbook:

Exhibit 4.4.i.1

Links Cultural Exhibit Pictures /international cultural symposium

Exhibit 4.4.i.2

Art without Walls: (*broken link)

Exhibit  4.4.i.3

 GSU/St Monica Memorandum of Understanding

Exhibit 4.4.i.4 

 LA Gear Up-“Exploring Camps”


Interdisciplinary center  for global health and promotion

Exhibit 4.4.i. 6 

Back to School hour of prayer



Standard 5 Exhibits:









Standard 6 Exhibits:



Exhibit 6.4.a

Policies, procedures, and practices for governance and operations of the unit
COE Faculty Handbook

Exhibit 6.4.a1

PK-16+ Council Stakeholders

Exhibit 6.4.a2

Selected Mtg Minutes for College of Education/PGS Academic Council

Exhibit 6.4.a3

Selected Dept./School Heads’ Mtg Minutes 2012-2014

Exhibit 6.4.a4

Selected Mtg Minutes for Praxis Oversight Comm. and Assessment System Review Panel Mtg Minutes for Praxis Oversight

Exhibit 6.4.a4.a

Sample of Assessment System Review Panel Mtg Minutes


Exhibit 6.4.b

Organizational chart and/or description of the unit governance structure and its relationship to institutional governance structure
Unit Org Chart

Exhibit 6.4.b1

GSU Org Chart

Exhibit 6.4.b2

Councils-Committees Relationships

Exhibit 6.4.b3

Unit Decision Flowchart

Exhibit 6.4.b4

Pre-teacher Ed Students and Candidates Decision Flowchart


Exhibit 6.4.c

Policies, procedures, and practices for candidate services such as counseling and advising
Dual Advisement Comm. Minutes

Exhibit 6.4.c1

GSU Advisement Handbook & Academic Advising Manual

Exhibit 6.4c2

GSU Counseling Center/Advisement and Counseling


Exhibit 6.4.d

Policies, procedures, and practices for candidate recruitment and admission, and accessibility to candidates and the education community
GSU Admission Policies

Exhibit 6.4.d.a

Dept. Recruitment Plans

Exhibit 6.4.d1

Teacher Ed & Ed Leaders Admission Check Lists
Teacher Ed Admission Check List

Exhibit 6.4.d1.a

Ed Leaders Admission Check List

Exhibit 6.4.d2

GSU Academics Policies


Exhibit 6.4.e

Academic calendars, catalogs, unit publications, grading policies, and unit advertising
GSU Grading Policies

Exhibit 6.4.e1

GSU Admission Requirements

Exhibit 6.4.e2

Academic Catalogues for 2011-2013 & 2013-2015

Exhibit 6.4.e3

Academic Calendars from 2011 through 2015

Exhibit 6.4.e4

Dept. Handbooks & Brochures
Educational Leadership section in Handbook

Exhibit 6.4.e4a

Leisure Studies Handbook

Exhibit 6.4.e4b


Exhibit 6.4.e5

Insight Today


Exhibit 6.4.f

Unit budget, with provisions for assessment, technology, professional development, and support for off-campus, distance learning, and alternative route programs when applicable
COE Budget 2011-2015

Exhibit 6.4.f1

Laboratory Schools’ Budgets 2011-2015

Exhibit 6.4.f2

COAS (Teacher Ed) Budget

Exhibit 6.4.f3

COEFGS Professional Studies Area Budget

Exhibit 6.4.f4

Memo Announcing Retirement Incentive

Exhibit 6.4.f5

Reduction of Workforce Information

Exhibit 6.4.f6

COE Grants Table

Exhibit 6.4.f7

Faculty Development Expenditures Tables


Exhibit 6.4.g

Budgets of comparable units with clinical components on campus or similar units at other campuses
Comparative Budget


Exhibit 6.4.h

Policies, procedures, and practices for faculty workload and summary of faculty workload
GSU Faculty Workload Policies

Exhibit 6.4.h1

Lists of College Faculty

Exhibit 6.4.h2

Summary of Faculty Workload

Exhibit 6.4.h3

List of Clinical Faculty Members

Exhibit 6.4.h4

List of Support Staff


Exhibit 6.4.i

Policies, procedures and practices to ensure that all candidates have access to physical and/or virtual classrooms, computer labs, curriculum resources and library resources that support teaching and learning
Facilities & Equipment

Exhibit 6.4.i1

Information Technology Resources & Information Policies

Exhibit 6.4.i2

Library Resources

Exhibit 6.4.i3

Accessibility of Resources

Exhibit 6.4.i4



Exhibit 6.4.j

Policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that all candidates access have to distance learning including support services and resources, if applicable
Unit Faculty Trained to Use TaskStream

Exhibit 6.4.j1


Exhibit 6.4.j2

Moodle (*replaced with Canvas)

Exhibit 6.4.j3

E-journal Listing


Annual Reports:


SPA Accreditation Reports :



Web Links:

  1. Assessment HandbookAssessment Handbook