Registrar's Office

Grading System

The grades used in the assessment of the academic performance of students enrolled in courses offered by the University are listed.

A Excellent 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Below Average 1
F Fail 0
IP Approved Course/In Progress Not Computed
FN Fail-Never Attended 0
W Withdrawn Not Computed
I Incomplete 0
IX Incomplete Extended 0
P Pass Not Computed
NC No Credit Not Computed
AU Audit Not Computed
Z Approved Course/Work Pending Not Computed


Quality points earned for each course are determined by multiplying the number of quality points for each grade by the number of hours the course carries. A student’s grade point average is computed by adding the total quality points for all courses for which quality point values may be computed, then dividing by the number of GPA hours (divisor). The grade of “P” will be awarded for nontraditional credit and non-credit courses only. Courses so credited will not be used in computing the grade point average.

The grade of “I” (incomplete) means that some relatively small part of the session’s work remains undone because of illness or other unavoidable reason. This mark is given in exceptional cases where the student has been passing a course and gives evidence of ability to pass the course if granted an opportunity to complete an assignment which was not completed by the termination of the course. Prior to awarding a grade of “I,” the instructor must submit an Incomplete Assignment Form to the department head. Incomplete grades for graduate students must be changed within one academic year. The department head, academic dean, and the vice president for academic affairs must approve the Grade Change Form. The grade of “I” becomes “F” on the academic transcript if it is not changed by the deadline.

The grade of “W” indicates withdrawal of the student from the University up to a specified date following mid-term. This date will be published in the university calendar. After this date, a student may not withdraw or drop classes. In extraordinary cases, the registrar may authorize resignation from the institution or the dropping of a course with the grade of “W” after the deadline. The instructor cannot change a “W” grade.

The grade of “AU” indicates that the course has been audited; however, no credit is allowed.

When applicable, an “IP” (In Progress) is awarded to students enrolled in approved courses such as practica, internships, and others in which course requirements are normally not completed within one term. A request to Assign IN Progress (IP) Grade Change Form must be submitted by the instructor of record to the department head, academic dean and the Academic Vice President/Provost for approval prior to submission to the Registrar’s Office. The “IP” will remain until course requirements have been completed by the entire class unless there are students who have been recommended for graduation. All IP Grades should be changed 60 days after the end of the semester in which the IP was awarded. At that time a regular grade will be awarded. No credit will be given until the “IP” is converted to a regular grade.

The grade “Z” is for certain approved courses. When all work is completed, a Grade Change Form must be processed.