Registrar's Office

Registration Procedures

Steps to complete the ACCEPT AND PAY FEE Process and PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS

  1. Log onto BannerWeb
  2. Select Student
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select Accept/Pay Fees
  5. Select Term (if not previously selected).  Charges and credits for the selected term will show.
  6. Press submit and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    Note:  Please read the Financial Statement Agreement and enter required information. (Use the PIN that you use to log in with).

    Please select one of the following payment options.
    1. PAY BY CREDIT CARD (3% processing fee)

    Note: Option C is the GSU deferred payment plan. (At least 75% of the total tuition, fees, room and board must be paid via financial aid, scholarships, out of pocket payments; you can defer the remaining 25% plus a $85 promissory note fee and 6% interest charges.)

* After you complete your payment, you must return to the Accept/Pay Fees option to complete the registration process and get a copy of your fee sheet.
Your registration is not complete until your fees have been accepted and the fee sheet shows a status of "Registered".

  1. Click Accept fees.

    Note: To accept the fees/charge, enter your PIN, first and last name (these items are not case sensitive). (PIN is the same PIN used to log in banner web.)
  2. You will receive a message stating that you have successful completed registration for the selected term.


  1. Select the Get Fee Sheet button
  2. This is your fee sheet. Please print a copy for you records.
  3. Your registration is complete if the fee sheet indicates "REGISTERED"


  • If there are no classes, please contact your advisor regarding your class schedule.
  • If there is a hold, click help in the upper right corner of the page to view reason for hold and contact the appropriate office.
  • If there is not enough aid to cover tuition, charges, or credits then your balance will show. Please see the three (3) payment options above for payment.

Upon successful completion of the on-line fee acceptance procedures, a message will appear confirming your completed registration.  You can now proceed to obtain your ID/meal cards, register for mailbox and add GFLEX funds (if applicable) to make purchases at the university bookstore for books and supplies as well as off campus purchases at participating vendors.

Thanks for using the on-line registration process and

Click here for PDF

Drop/Withdraw Course Update Spring 2021

Drop/Add Form is now on-line!!!!

When is the last day to drop courses from the university?   Wednesday, March 25, 2021

How do I drop courses or withdraw from the university?

Dropping Courses and Withdrawing from the University On-line (Effective 10/1/20)

In the event of limited access to the Registrar’s Office, please follow the steps below to drop your course(s) via DocuSign and officially withdraw from the university via email:

  • Identify the courses in which you are requesting to drop
  • Get your academic advisor’s name and email information and enter in the appropriate space of drop/add form
  • Access the drop/add form at
  • Once the document is completed-you will receive a confirmation email
  • If you are dropping all of your courses-you must officially withdraw from the university by completing the steps outlined in the steps below.

Official Withdrawal from the University

To officially withdraw from the university, please send a written statement from your GSU email account with your G#, Classification, Major, Phone Number and Reason for leaving,  before 11:59 P.M. Wednesday, March 25, 2021 to