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E.L. Cole Honors College

E.L. Cole Honors College

Becoming a Member of the Honors College

Freshman Students

  • Freshman students may enter the Freshman Honors Sequence with a composite ACT score of 23 or above or its equivalent on the SAT and with a high school grade point average of 3.5 or above.
  • Freshman students who earn a minimum CGPA of 3.5 at the end of their freshman year and who desire to continue in Honors are inducted into the Honors College.


  • Upperclassmen with a CGPA of 3.5 or above who desire to become participating members must: apply between the Spring and Fall sessions.
  • Submit 3 letters of recommendation; at least 2 letters should be from  a faculty member.

Requirements for Graduation Recognition

  • Members of the Honors College must take and pass 3 honors seminar classes above Honors 110.
  • Members must have a 3.5  CGPA  at time of graduation or have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and maintain a 3.2 in order to receive the medallion.