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Faculty Teaching Load

Average Teaching Load

The full-time teaching load for undergraduate programs is 18-24 semester hours in an academic year.  The following table summarizes teaching loads by department for the fall 2009 semester.  The teaching load for chemistry and physics on first glance appears to be low.  This is not the case.  Because of the characteristics of laboratory classes and the fact that a one-credit-hour laboratory can meet as many as four contact hours, for these science programs, semester credit hours are not used to define a full-time load.  Instead, contact hours are used to define the load.  Faculty in these departments, within a semester, on average, have a twelve-contact-hour load.  The load for faculty in the music department appears to be excessive.  This is because of the applied music courses that are offered.  The faculty have many applied classed in which only one student is enrolled. 

During the fall 2009 semester, a psychology professor announced at the beginning of the semester a need to go on medical leave, resulting in several faculty having to carry an extra load.  These faculty were compensated for carrying a teaching load above 12 semester hours.  The teaching load for Family and Consumer Sciences is high because the program lost a faculty member at the beginning of the semester.
A full-time load for graduate faculty is 15 semester hours within a year.  A faculty member may obtain this load by teaching nine semester hours during one semester and six during the other semester, or by using some other combination.

Most graduate faculty teach both undergraduate and graduate courses.  A faculty member in a semester is teaching only one graduate course and the other courses are at the undergraduate level; that faculty will have a load that reflects teaching responsibilities primarily at the undergraduate level (9 to 12 semester hours).

Average Teaching Load by Department Fall 2009 – Graduate and Undergraduate
Department Number of Full-Time Faculty Members Undergraduate Graduate Both
Undergraduate and Graduate
Accounting, Economics & Information Systems 18 10.6 0 0
Art 4 10 0 0
Biology 13 9.5 0 0
Chemistry 9 6.67 0 0
Criminal Justice 11 13.5 9 12
Curriculum & Instruction 13 8.6 3 4
Family and Consumer Sciences 4 18 0 0
Educational Leadership 8 0 10.1 0
English 20 13.5 0 0
Foreign Languages 5 13.8 0 0
History 8 12 0 0
Engineering Technology 9 10 0 0
Kinesiology, Sport & Leisure Studies 13 11.3 0 6
Management and Marketing 11 10 0 0
Mass Communication 10 12.4 0 3
Mathematics and Computer Science 17 12.6 0 0
Music 11 25 0 0
Physics 8 7.8 0 0
Political Science 8 12 9 7
Nursing 30 10.08 13.4 3
Social Work 10 9 4.5 10.75
Sociology and Psychology 9 15.3 1.3 0
Speech and Theatre 8 10 0 0

During the spring 2009 semester, because of budget reductions of state institutions by the Governor of Louisiana, the teaching load for undergraduate faculty was increased to 15 semester credit hours for that semester. The teaching load for graduate faculty did not change.

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