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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we give through the Grambling University Foundation?

The Grambling University Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established to raise funds to further the purpose and mission of Grambling State University. As a tax exempt organization, the foundation has more flexibility to raise and/or manage private support than state offices or government subdivisions.

The Foundation contributes funding for faculty hiring and retention, research support, academic programs, awards, grants, career networking and job placement, admissions and alumni programs, general support and the flexibility of the University to meet a variety of ongoing and critical needs.

For more information on the benefits of giving through the Grambling University Foundation please visit


What is the relationship between the University and Grambling University National Alumni Association (GUNAA)?

Grambling State University and GUNAA work collectively to support and strengthen the mission and vision of Grambling State University. The affiliation agreement signed by the University and GUNAA leadership provides for joint efforts to meet the critical needs of Grambling State University.


What is the Annual Giving Campaign?

The Annual Giving Campaign is a year long campaign that strives to engage alumni, students, parents, faculty and staff, as well as friends and supporters of Grambling with contributions to the University. Gifts made to the Annual Campaign provide "budget relieving" support to some of the most important areas on campus including financial aid, academic support, athletic programs, and student activities. Annual Giving gifts are expended in the same fiscal year in which they are received.


How can I give to the Annual Campaign?

There are several ways to give to the Annual Giving Campaign:
TEXT2GIVE- Mobile Giving
Text “GRAM” and any amount to 50155 using your mobile device
Online via Grambling State University
Cash/Check/Money Order
Make Gifts Payable and Mail to: 

Grambling University Foundation, Inc.
PO BOX 587
Grambling, LA 71245


What is the fiscal year and why is it different than the calendar year?

The calendar year is what we all know as January- December of the same numerical year (i.e. January 1 – December 30, 2017). Think of the fiscal year as a “school” year: July 1st – June 30th. The Annual Fund operates much like the school year. For example, if a donor gave in September 2016, that gift counted for fiscal year 2017, whereas if the donor gave in June 2016, that gift would count for fiscal year 2016.


Where does my gift actually go?

The best thing about giving to Grambling State University is that your money goes wherever you want it to go! You can direct your money to the department, program, project, or student activity of your choice.


How much of my gift is tax deductible?

That depends on the nature of your gift.  However, most gifts are at least partly deductible. If you receive any goods or services in return for your gift, such as auction items or tickets, the fair-market value of those items is not tax deductible.


What are matching gifts and how can I make sure my gift is matched?

Many employers will match gifts made by their employees, retirees, and directors to non-profit organizations; some even offer a higher than 1 to 1 match. This means that donors can double the power of their contribution. To see if your employer participates in gift matching or to obtain a matching gift form, visit our matching gift page  


What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted gifts?

Donors making a gift to Grambling State University may designate or "restrict" the use of their contribution to a particular purpose or project. For example, gifts made to a special scholarship fund are considered to be restricted. "Unrestricted" funds are contributions the University that may be use for any purpose. Unrestricted funds usually go toward the operating expenses of the University or to a particular project designated by the President of the University. The majority of funds raised with the Annual Fund are unrestricted.


How can I direct my gift to multiple purposes?

If you wish to designate your gift to multiple areas, please note those areas on the donation response form or utilize our online giving portal.


Can I make a gift in installments?

Yes, donors often pledge gifts to be paid over time. For example, donors making a $1,000.00 pledge might choose to fulfill their commitment with two (2) $500 payments over the course of a year, or donors may choose to make four (4) monthly payments of $250.00. Please note that payments must be completed during the same fiscal year.


Can I setup recurring gifts to the University?

Yes, we encourage donors to take advantage of our recurring gifts opportunity. Visit our website to learn more and set up your recurring gifts.


How long does it take for my gift to be acknowledged?

The goal of the Office of Institutional Advancement is to acknowledge all gifts within seven (7) days.


What is the deadline for making a contribution?

There is no deadline for making a contribution. However, gifts made before June 30th will be counted in the current fiscal year. Gifts received before December 31st of the current year will receive tax credit for that year.

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