Foreign Languages Department


Foreign Language Laboratory

Grambling State University’s Foreign Language Laboratory is staffed with native speakers of French and Spanish, as well as American students with a major or minor in either language. These trained tutors provide group and individual tutoring to foreign language students in grammar, pronunciation, conversation, reading and writing.

Representing various countries of America, Africa, and Europe, our tutors from Mexico, Cameroon, and France offer students a unique first-hand opportunity to improve the language skills and learn more in depth about the culture of the target countries.

The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and audio-visual technologies that provide students with a variety of language and cultural videos, CDs, and audio cassettes to facilitate their language learning. Students are very welcome to use foreign language software, practice web-based activities, and access cultural information pertaining to current events of the countries whose language they are studying.

The Louisiana Foreign Language Electronic Learning Consortium

Grambling State University forms part of the Louisiana Foreign Language Electronic Learning Consortium which includes Southern University at Baton Rouge, the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Nicholls State University.

The Louisiana Foreign Languages Electronic Learning Consortium is a non-profit educational association committed to promoting foreign language study in Louisiana institutions of higher education. The Consortium is a non-degree-granting organization, providing inter-institutional electronic learning program in French and Spanish, and is open to any college and university willing to contribute to the advancement of majors and minors in foreign languages, including teacher education.

The Consortium was initiated by GSU in 2005 in order to offer quality upper-division level foreign language courses. Faculty members of the partnering institutions cooperate in developing and delivering via video-conferencing upper division courses to Consortium students.

GSU faculty members act as instructors and facilitators for GSU students to ensure that they receive the maximum benefit from Consortium courses.

The Cross Cultural Club: Community Committed to Culture

The Cross Cultural Club is a student organization sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages.

Our goal is for all members of Grambling State University to become aware of the diversity that exists in our homes, communities, on our campus and all around the world. Its advisors and members are dedicated to the enhancement of foreign language study through culturally enriching activities, such as hosting discussion groups, visiting museums and viewing films in the target language.
Membership is open to students who have a passion for diversity, an interest in learning about other cultures and are willing to participate in the organization’s activities.
Visit the Cross Cultural Club:

Telephone: (318) 274-2347