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Message from the Dean

Hello College of Business Faculty:

Welcome to the College of Business Research and Intellectual Contributions Portal.

This Portal was established to guide and assist faculty as they engage in the noble but life-changing process of Research and Professional service. In addition, we are encouraged that you are willing to engage our constituencies, continuously improve processes and products (innovation) and impact critical variables in a positive way.

Familiarity with our COB mission is necessary to focus your efforts on the relevant activities required. Moreover, our work must impact our primary stakeholders, our students, to a successful end. As an accredited institution of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), we have agreed to adhere to the requirements of the Agency. To remain in compliance, two of the critical issues that must be addressed and maintained on a continuous basis, include Faculty Qualifications and Intellectual Contributions, AACSB Standards 15 and Standard 2, respectively.

The Importance of this information is confirmed by our inclusion of copies of the Mission Statement, Standard 15 (Faculty Qualifications), and Standard 2 (Intellectual Contributions) for your quick referral. Faculty qualifications are broken up into four categories: (1) Scholarly Academic (SA), (2)Scholarly Practitioner (SP), (3) Practice Academics (PA), and (4) Instructional Practitioners (IP). The categories are assigned based on: (1) Academic preparation (earned degrees, and other academic credentials), (2) Initial professional experience (nature, level, and management position) and (3) Sustained academic and professional engagement combined with initial academic preparation. Please note that at least 40 percent of our faculty should be SA, at least 60 percent of our faculty should SA + PA + SP, and at least 90 percent of our faculty must be in all four categories combined (SA + PA +SP + IP). In addition to academic preparation and professional experience, Intellectual Contributions are necessary to either sustain or earn the necessary qualifications.

Intellectual Contributions are required and must be consistent with our mission, expected outcomes, and strategies and impact the theory, practice, and teaching of business and management. Please refer to this standard for breath and depth of the entire process. These original works fall into the following categories: Basic or Discovery Scholarship, Applied or Integrated/Application Scholarship or Teaching or Learning Scholarship. Moreover, publishing in relevant Refereed Journals is critical to success in this area.

Please use this portal and the information included to assist and guide you through the process.  The University is committed to support you in this endeavor and feel free to use the list of contacts if needed.


Derrick V. Warren