About the Department

Undergraduate Advisement
Degree program advisement in the KSLS Department is based on the student’s degree track area of concentration.

Health Promotion – call (318) 274-2372 or email ayimm@gram.edu
Pedagogy (Teaching) – call (318) 274-2712 or email proctorl@gram.edu
Sport Management – call (318) 274-6278 or email simmonsoj@gram.edu

Leisure Studies
General Recreation – call (318) 274-7880 or email chewr@gram.edu
Therapeutic Recreation – call (318) 274-3758 or email calviny@gram.edu

KSLS majors to have been cleared to engage in an internship must have:  a) completed all required coursework in their degree program; b) completed REC 499, KNES 411 and/or REC 411; and cleared by their advisor.  Internship approval/clearance call (318) 274-6280 or email russellm@gram.edu

Graduate Advisement
Students who’ve been admitted into the School of Graduate Studies and accepted into the KSLS Sports Administration (SPA) Graduate Program are to be advised as follows:
SPA Graduate Program – call (318) 274-4093 or email carterp@gram.edu

Change of Major
Students who elect to change their major from another department into the KSLS Department must complete and submit a Change of Major Form and submit to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Change of Concentration
KSLS majors who desire to change their area of concentration within the department must complete and submit a Change of Concentration Form.  This form must also be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Deadline Dates

Change of Major and/or Change of Concentration Forms within the KSLS Department must be completed on or prior to the following dates:

  • Fall Semester – October 15
  • Spring Semester – March 15
  • Summer Session I – June 15
  • Summer Session II – July 15

Clubs and Organizations

KSLS majors are active through their primary student organization:  the KSLS Majors’ Club; the Health Promotion Club; and Phi Epsilon Kappa Professional Fraternity.  Faculty members in the department serve as club advisors.

Undergraduate KSLS Majors’ Club – membership is open to all students who have declared either Kinesiology or Leisure Studies as their major irrespective of their area of concentration.

Phi Epsilon Kappa Professional Fraternity – KSLS majors are invited to join the IOTA Chapter of PEK based on select criteria.  Membership intake occurs annually in the fall semesters.

Graduate Club
Sports Leaders Association (SLA) – membership into SLA is open to all graduate students enrolled in the Sports Administration (SPA) Graduate Program.  An annual event that is facilitated by SLA members is the Sports Leaders Summit generally held each spring semester.

Professional affiliations

The KSLS Department at Grambling State University is an Institutional Member in good standing with the following professional organizations:

Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (LAHPERD)
Louisiana Recreation and Park Association (LRPA)
National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)
Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) of America

In addition to professional institutional membership, KSLS/SPA faculty are active in other organizations that include:

KSLS Undergraduate Resource Room

Student members of the Health Promotion Club, KSLS Majors’ Club and Phi Epsilon Kappa Professional Fraternity, Inc. have access to the KSLS Student Resource Room.  Located in Room 173B in the Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center, the room is equipment with a:  desktop computer; computer workstation; book cases; and a number of print documents (i.e., journals, newsletters, etc.).

SPA Graduate Resource Room

Graduate students who are enrolled in the Sports Administration (SPA) Graduate Program and members of the Sport Leaders Association have access to the SPA Graduate Student Resource Room.  Located in Room 173B of the Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center, the room is equipped with a:  desktop computer and printer; computer workstation; bookcases ; and a number of print documents (i.e., journals, directories, etc.).

KSLS and Diversity

The Department of Kinesiology, Sport and Leisure Studies believes that diversity is crucial to the pursuit of academic excellence.  Equally important is our commitment to maintaining a diverse and inclusive community.  KSLS supports both the college and GSU’s policy that states:

Grambling State University (GSU) reaffirms its policy of administering all of its educational programs and services in a manner which isinclusive and does not discriminate because of differences in socioeconomic status, race, age, color, religion, gender, national origin or disability. GSU is committed to an environment in which every employee and student may work, think, learn, and grow without prejudice, without intimidation, and without discrimination. Respect for all persons is the keystone to enjoying the diversity of our world.