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School of Nursing

School of Nursing

Graduate Nursing Program

Grambling State University
Department of Nursing Post-Certification FNP Program (Fast Track)
Women’s Health Practitioner (WHNP) to Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)


Course No.  Course Title   HR
 NUR 542  NP: Advanced Health Management I (SPRING SEMESTER) 4
 NUR 553  Health Policy for Families & Communities (SUMMER SEMESTER) 3
 **Required**  Clinical Hours: 96  
   TOTAL 7
 NUR 546  NP: Advanced Health Management III (FALL SEMESTER) 4
 NUR 548  NP: Advanced Health Management IV (SPRING SEMESTER) 5
 NUR 599  Comprehensive Examination (SPRING SEMESTER) 0
 **Required**  Clinical Hours: 432  
   TOTAL 9
 NUR 550  Independent Study (Elective) 1, 2, or 3 Semester Hours  
   TOTAL                                     Clinical Hours: 528 16

*Sequential courses must be taken in order

Course rotation subject to change based on faculty availability
No service learning (SL) is required for graduate students; however, all graduate students have an opportunity to  participate in Community Service Learning Hours.

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