RN to BSN Program Curriculum

The RN-BSN track is a post licensure option to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing with 120 credit hours. The Student is required to be Registered Nurses (RN) and must have completed the pre-requisite courses (60 credit hours) from the Freshman and Sophomore Years. Credit for the clinical based courses (30 credit hours) from the Junior Year and Summer Session will be awarded by examination. The students will take the Health Assessment Course (5 credit hours) from the first semester of the Professional Component in the Summer and complete the Fall and Spring Semesters (25 credit hours) from the Senior Year in residence to complete the program of study and be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Degree in Nursing from Grambling State University. A senior project will be completed in lieu of an exit examination.

Grambling State University
School of Nursing (RN-BSN Program)

Course No.  Course Title   HR
 FYE 101  First Year Experience I 1
 FYE 102  First Year Experience II 1
 ENG 101  Freshman Composition I 3
 ENG 102  Freshman Composition II 3
 BIOL 207*  Principles of Anatomy & Physiology Lecture I (FALL SEMESTER) 3
 BIOL 207L*  Principles of Anatomy & Physiology Lab I (FALL SEMESTER) 1
 BIOL 208*  Principles of Anatomy & Physiology Lecture II (SPRING SEMESTER) 3
 BIOL 208L*  Principles of Anatomy & Physiology Lab II (SPRING SEMESTER) 1
 CHEM 105  General Inorganic Chemistry (FALL SEMESTER) 3
 CHEM 107  General Inorganic Chemistry Lab (FALL SEMESTER) 1
 HIST 101 or 104  World History (101) or World History II (104) (SPRING SEMESTER) 3
 PSYC 200  General Psychology (SPRING SEMESTER) 3
 MATH 131  College Algebra 3
 NUR 125  Computer Lit Exam 0
   TOTAL 29
 ENG 200  World Literature
 ENG 207  Introduction to Technical Writing (SPRING SEMESTER) 3
 PSYC 202  Developmental Psychology 3
 FN 204  Introduction to Nutrition (SPRING SEMESTER) 3
 THEA 212  Fundamentals of Public Speaking (SPRING SEMESTER) 3
 NUR 225  Pathophysiology (SPRING SEMESTER) 3
 FINE & PERFORMING ARTS and THEA  Students may choose any ONE (1), THREE (3) hour credit course*** 3
 GET 300  Rising Junior Exam (SPRING SEMESTER) 0
 SOC 201  Introduction to Sociology 3
 MATH 273  Statistics 3
 BIOL 304*  Introductory Microbiology Lecture/Lab 4
   TOTAL 31
 NUR 306  Health Assessment (SUMMER SEMESTER)  5
 NUR 306K  Health Assessment Practicum (SUMMER SEMESTER) 0
 NUR 415  Intro Research in Nursing 3
 NUR 416  Community Health 4
 NUR 416K  Community Health Practicum 0
 NUR 417  Adult Health II 6
 NUR 417K  Adult Health II Practicum 0
 NUR 418  Critical Thinking in Nursing (SPRING SEMESTER) 2
 NUR 419  Adult Health III (SPRING SEMESTER) 5
 NUR 419K  Adult Health III Practicum (SPRING SEMESTER) 0
 NUR 420  Management in Nursing (SPRING SEMESTER) 5
 NUR 420K  Management in Nursing Practicum (SPRING SEMESTER) 0
 **Required**  Service Learning Hours  
   TOTAL 30

*Sequential courses must be taken in order
Course rotation subject to change based on faculty availability
Service learning (SL) is required. SL hours can be obtained via course and/or community

*Credit for the clinical based courses (30 credit hours) from the Junior Year and the Summer Session will be awarded by examination.

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RN - BSN Program Application Packet/Information