First Year Experience Course

The First Year Experience Program offers a year long Freshman Seminar Course that is taken in two parts:

  • Part one of the Freshman Seminar Course – FYE 101 – introduces the entering student to the University’s academic programs, general education requirements, student handbook, university catalog, financial aid, registration, and relevant policies and procedures. This course exposes the first year student to the Grambling State University experience- its rich heritage, traditions, and culture. Other topics covered in this course include college survival skills such as goal setting, time management, critical thinking, active learning, note taking, study skills, test taking, communicating for results, and library usage.
  • Part two of the Freshman Seminar Course – FYE 102 – offers a continuation of the discussions on college survival skills. Topics covered in this course include career exploration, computer skills (MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint), building positive relationships, diversity and multicultural appreciation, leadership, ethics and responsibility, stress management, health and wellness, problem solving, and management of personal finances.

Additional FYE Courses & Resources