Living Learning Communities

  • Business LLC - offers incoming business freshmen experience that is tailored to meet their academic, social, and professional interests. Business LLC students live in the same residence hall, take some of the same classes and are connected to the business world. The business LLC strives to encourage professional development by offering special programs, seminars, and company tours that provide opportunities for interaction with faculty, staff, and the business world.
  • Biology LLC – the goal of the Biology Living Learning Communities is to assist students in achieving success in their coursework and exploring the many different opportunities for Biology majors. The program offers social events, study groups, lab tours, and field trips. Biology LLC will reside in the same hall and take some of the same classes together.
  • Psychology/Sociology LLC – designed to provide first year students with an up-close look at the world of Psychology; the nature of the work and where they work. Students will join other students who share an interest in exploring intriguing domain of human behavior. Students will have the opportunities to challenge themselves to new ways of thinking and experiencing the world as they learn about the fascinating field of psychology through group interaction, study sessions, field trips and other out-of-class experiences. Psychology LLC students will live in Tiger Village and reside on the same floor, as well as take some of the same classes.