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Cadet Chain of Command

Battalion Command Leadership

Battalion Commander, c/LTC Ramelo Ford

Battalion Commander
c/LTC Ramelo Ford
Business Admin, LA Tech

Command Sergeant Major, c/CSM Adrian Farris
Command Sergeant Major
c/CSM Adrian Farris
Biology, LA Tech
Executive Officer, c/MAJ Andrew Rushing
Executive Officer
c/MAJ Andrew Rushing
Mechanical Engineering, LA Tech


Battalion Staff

S1, c/CPT Thomas Modica
c/CPT Thomas Modica
History, LA Tech
S2, c/CPT Dennis Stokes
c/CPT Dennis Stokes
Business Admin, LA Tech
S3, c/MAJ Colby McGuffee
c/MAJ Colby McGuffee
Nanosystems Eng, LA Tech


S4, c/CPT Javon Tate
c/CPT Javon Tate
Engineering, Grambling
S5, c/CPT Deja Harrison
c/CPT Deja Harrison
Mass Comm., Grambling
S6, c/CPT Robbie Sierra
c/CPT Robbie Sierra
Engineering, Grambling


Operations SGM, c/SGM Frederick Robinson
Operations SGM
c/SGM Frederick Robinson
Major, College
Asst. S3, c/CPT Brittany Miller
Asst. S3
c/CPT Brittany Miller
Biology, Grambling
Company Commander, c/CPT Cameron Cruise
Company Commander
c/CPT Cameron Cruise
Eng. Mechanics, LA Tech


Company First Sergeant, c/1SG Nicholas Gauthe
Company First Sergeant
c/1SG Nicholas Gauthe
Construction Eng, LA Tech





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Company Commander (ULM)
c/CPT Kaylynn Gruber
Biology, ULM





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Company First Sergeant (ULM)
c/1SG Adam Craig
Criminal Justice, ULM