The Quality Enhancement Plan, a SACSCOC initiative, at Grambling State University is designed to be a transformational experience, impacting student learning.  The current QEP topic fosters the development and support of oral communication skills of students, thereby producing better-prepared graduates of Grambling State University.


The purpose of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is to improve foundational oral communication skills of  GSU students irrespective of their academic majors. Effective communicators are a valuable commodity in today’s global market. Thus it is imperative that Grambling State University ensures that its’ graduates are exposed to both foundational communication skill building, as well as expanded opportunities for elevated enhancement. It is essential for students to develop speaking skills in such ways, which reduce their apprehension, enhance their own understanding of subject matter and effectively conveys what they have learned to various audiences, which are diverse by design and desired outcome.. This purpose will be achieved through one goal.

QEP Goal: To produce effective, competent, and confident oral communicators.