Student Communication Coaches will be selected from undergraduate and graduate level students. Student staff are an essential component in the QEP implementation model. National research has long indicated that students are most impacted by peers in the acquisition of a new skill. Therefore, it is essential that the peer communication staff are adequately prepared and equipped to serve in this role. These students will be required to successfully complete training that may include completion of a course. A possible course is Education 222, an elective student leadership course focusing on honing the art of public speaking as a leader. Communication coaches will also be required to complete on-going training via the National Tutoring Association’s certification program and institutional training workshops. Training for the student coaching staff will be on-going, along with evaluation. Student Coaches will participate in an intensive training retreat prior to each semester, as well as routine workshops. These workshops will be facilitated by a mix of on-campus content experts and guest consultants to ensure a broad range of impact. The student communication coaches in conjunction with the Director of the lab will be able to provide assistance to students at all levels in enhancing communication skills. This component will create access for a larger population of student leadership to elevate their soft skillset, increase their marketability and attain a finishing layer of poise and polish as a potential graduate (Kember & Leung, 2005).

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