Welcome to the Office of University Compliance & Ethics

Grambling State University operates under many laws and regulations- federal, state, local and administrative- that often apply at the institutional level as well as at an individual level based on areas of responsibility. These legal requirements are incorporated within University policies that apply to the University community.

Grambling State University is strongly committed to ethical conduct and promoting a "culture of compliance." A "culture of compliance" is an environment that supports adherence to the law and to University policies and procedures. The University Compliance & Ethics Office aims to be accessible to all members of the University community on compliance and ethics issues, including faculty, staff, and students, to help in the understanding of issues, and to facilitate appropriate resolution of substantiated findings.

University Compliance & Ethics is your partner in successfully navigating your responsibilities on behalf of Grambling State University

University Compliance & Ethics Overview

Our expectation is that all members of the University community conduct operations and activities in an ethical, honest manner, and with the highest level of integrity.  The compliance program is the vehicle through which compliance at the University is coordinated, managed, and monitored for all risks associated with regulatory and legal requirements. Some of the University Compliance & Ethics Office oversight includes but is not limited to:

  • Provide Oversight of Compliance and Ethics and related Activities
  • Develop Effective Lines of Communication
  • Conduct Effective Training and Education
  • Revise and Develop policies and procedures
  • Conduct Internal Monitoring and Compliance Reviews
  • Respond Promptly to Detected Problems and Undertake Corrective Action
  • Enforce and promote Standards through Appropriate Incentives and Disciplinary Guidelines
  • Measure Compliance Program Effectiveness
  • Encourage and support ethical behavior and a culture of integrity
  • Promote coordination between the University’s compliance stakeholders
  • New Regulations and Special Projects


University Compliance Administrator

Tasha T. Smith, MS, Compliance Administrator - ADA CoordinatorTasha Smith, MS
Compliance Administrator
ADA Coordinator
smitht@gram.edu | (318) 274-2418