As the Grambling State community continues to grow and thrive, each individual within the community has a responsibility to preserve GSU’ reputation as one of the finest universities in the United States. Part of that responsibility includes making ethical choices at all levels. The Ethics Program supports our community to embody the University mission through integrity, ethical behavior and avoidance of conflicts of interest.


LA Ethics & Campaign Rules

Louisiana prohibits certain actions by state employees relative to political activities. Pursuant to a State constitutional mandate that all state officials and employees are governed by a code of ethics, Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950 Chapter 15 of Title 42R.S. 42:1101 - R.S. 42:1170 - sets strict standards for public employees and essentially prohibits the use of their public office for private gain. 

It should also be noted that the Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics outlines the parameters of conduct. The Louisiana Board of Ethics, Civil Service Commission, and the Attorney General assist in the interpretation of the law for employees. 

  • Article 10, Section 9: Prohibition for classified employees relative to participation in elections, political parties, political organizations, or solicitation of other employees.
  • Article 10, Section 20: Prohibition on employees participating in political activities and soliciting on behalf of political interests. Also bans the use of any state resource or an employee’s authority or position to advocate for political action.
  • Article 7, Section 14: Prohibits the use of state resources for private uses, which has been interpreted to include employee time on the job.
  • R.S. 24:56(F): Difference between public information and lobbying.
  • R.S. 18:1465: Prohibits the use of public money for political activity.
  • Gifts (R.S. 42:1116): Employees may not accept gifts if a person thinks an employee can sway legislation (such as through the use of expert testimony), nor may employees apply pressure for gifts.


LA Code of Governmental Ethics Training

Each public servant/state employee shall receive a minimum of one hour of education and training on the Code of Ethics during each year of his public employment or term of office. The Governmental Ethics training is offered through the Louisiana Employee Online “LEO” portal.