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Social Security & Retirement Benefit

Social Security is the nation’s basic method of providing a continuing income when family earnings are reduced or stopped because of retirement, disability, or death.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If enrolled in a qualified retirement option provided by GSU, do I have to pay social security tax?

With a few exceptions, the State of Louisiana does not participate in the Social Security program.  If you are enrolled in a Louisiana state retirement plan, you do not pay Social Security tax; however, if you were hired after April 1, 1986, you are required to pay the Medicare portion of the FICA tax (1.45 percent of your salary).

Who is eligible to contribute to FICA/social security?

You are eligible for FICA/Social Security if you are a temporary or part-time classified or an academic/professional appointment, or on a WAE (while actually employed) temporary appointment.  Your contribution is 6.2 percent of your gross salary.  If you are a nonresident alien with a J or F visa and you meet the “Substantial presence” test, you must pay Social Security taxes.

Are social security taxes refundable?