Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to request Shared Leave?

Employees meeting the following criteria:

  • A current employee who has completed one year of full-time regular employment.
  • The employee experiences a serious health condition as defined by FMLA
    The employee has exhausted or will exhaust his/her personal leave time, and
    the employee participates in the Shared Leave program.

How will I know that I have received Shared Leave?

You will be notified by Human Resources via written documentation.

What happens to any Shared Leave I don’t use?

All unused leave will go back to the pool.

Will an affected employee continue to accrue sick and annual during the time missed from work?

Yes, the employee will accrue leave based on their current compensation status.
Accrued annual and sick leave will be applied to the absence before Shared Leave is applied.

How much leave may be requested?

You may request up to 176 hours of Sick Leave per fiscal year and a total of 800 hours from the Shared Sick Leave Bank.

Can Shared Leave be used to care for an Immediate Family Member?

No, the recipient may use the Leave for any condition which meets the FMLA definition of a serious health condition.

Who is eligible to donate leave?

Any benefit eligible regular full-time employee that has completed twelve months of employment.

How much leave may I donate?

You may donate leave in eight hour (8, 16, 24, etc.) increments, with a minimum donation of eight (8) hours and a maximum donation of 24 hours per enrollment period. Donors must retain at least forty (24) hours of personal sick leave upon donation.

What if I change my mind about donating leave?

Donations are irrevocable.

Can I donate leave upon my leaving the institution?

Yes, Leave can be donated with approval from the Payroll Office.

How can I donate leave?

During our Annual Enrollment Period (December 1, 2016 – December 12, 2016, complete the Shared Leave Donation form and send it to Human Resources, C/O Cheryl Ivory for processing.

Am I required to donate hours every year in order to maintain Eligibility to participate?

No. An initial donation is required to become eligible. Additional donations are voluntary.

When will donated hours be deducted from an employee’s sick leave balance?

The donated leave will be transferred from the employee’s leave balance to the Shared Leave pool at the same time other leave is accrued and deducted.

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53024 - Shared Sick Leave Policy (PDF)
Sick Leave Donation Form