Faculty Credentials and Transcripts

SACSCOC standards require universities to retain original transcripts of the highest degree earned for instructors of record for every section of every course offered by Grambling State University.  Transcripts, and in some cases additional materials, serve as the faculty members' credentials to teach the course to which they are assigned.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness scans and indexes faculty transcripts and credential documentation.  The OIE issues monthly reports listing the outstanding faculty transcripts needed for SACSCOC compliance.  Each month the deans' offices will forward the list of needed transcripts to the respective Department Heads.

If a faculty member is listed, it means:

  • the Office of Institutional Effectiveness has not received an official transcript of highest degree, and
  • the Dean's office does not have an original on file.

Faculty members included on the monthly reports must be reminded of the necessity of sending in the official transcript as soon as possible.

After the Office of Institutional Effectiveness scans and indexes the transcripts, the originals are sent to the Office of Human Resources.  The Office of Human Resources retains original faculty transcripts in Long-Jones Hall.