Program Review

The review of academic programs advances the institution's Mission to prepare "its graduates to compete and succeed in careers related to its programs of study, to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, and to lead productive lives as informed citizens in a democratic society."  As the needs of the various stakeholders tied to Grambling State University (e.g., businesses, politics, etc.) change over time, programs should examine their offerings, infrastructure, and support mechanisms to ensure the needs of students, faculty, staff, and all external stakeholders are being met.

Many of the university's professional programs are accredited by specialized agencies and organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and completion of the program review is governed by the standards, practices, processes, and timelines of their respective accrediting bodies.  Academic programs that are not accredited by a specialized agency  or organization are reviewed by external evaluators on a ten-year cycle.  Additionally, all programs are reviewed internally through the regular reporting of strategic planning initiatives, assessment, and other annual reports.

The purpose of Program Review is to examine the entire program, including all resources, financing, infrastructure, and curriculum requirements, with the intent to identify strengths and areas of opportunities. This process is aimed at assuring the institution, its students, and the public of the program's sustainability and academic vitality.

Program Review Guidelines and Contents