Viability Standards

As part of the "Elevate Louisiana," low completer reviews are now being conducted on a regular basis to ensure programmatic viability.  The viability standards are outlined below:

Program Type Viability Standard
Undergraduate Programs (Associate/Bachelor) 8
Master, Post Master, Specialist 5
Professional, Doctoral, Post Doctoral 2


The viability standard for each program type is calculated as a three year average.  Programs who fall below the viability standard in their three year average, the program is flagged for review.  At that time, Grambling State University has the option to: 

  1. Terminate the program.
  2. Consolidate the program.
  3. Redesign the program.
  4. Justify low completer status without further action.

The decision behind a response to a flagged low-completer program is not taken lightly as it will impact all students, faculty, and staff.