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The Professional Development Program promotes and enhances teaching and research environment at Grambling State University by providing a coordinated array of services, resources, and programs for the faculty. The purpose is to create an environment at Grambling State University that facilitates and promotes effective teaching, professional development, research and artistry, students learning, and integration of new technologies.

The three major units of the program are:

  1. Instructional computing,
  2. Instructional excellence, and
  3. Research support.

Instructional Computing:

The major purpose of instructional computing is to assist faculty to integrate technology into their instruction. This will be accomplished by introducing faculty to new technologies, providing instructional design support to faculty redesigning courses in a way that ensures consistently high quality products, providing opportunities for faculty to experiment with various technology-supported modes of delivery for learner-centered education.

The objectives of instructional computing are:

  • Provide at least 4 workshops on technology integration
  • Maintain a Faculty Development Laboratory in Adams Hall Room 202
  • Loan computers, LCD projectors and other technology to faculty
  • Provide technical assistance to faculty