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Orchesis Dance Company

Orchesis Dance Company

Orchesis Dance Company

Requirements and Considerations for Captain

The captain of the Orchesis Dance Company is a prestigious position that provides leadership and mentorship to the members of the company. This person is expected to be knowledgeable of the company requirements and protocols as well as well versed in the various genres of dance. She is expected to be of at least a sophomore status and have participated in the company for a complete year (fall and spring consistently). In the event that a sophomore dancer is not qualified for the position, the Director has full authority to appoint a captain who is deemed capable.

The captain is selected (appointed) each year by the Director of the company, as the Director is responsible for observing on a daily basis the work ethic, dance skill, leadership, academic scholarship, performance ability and courteous personality of all dancers and is best qualified to make this selection.

Below are other requirements and considerations that are taken into account for selection as the captain.

  • Grade Point Average 2.5 or better and considered in “good standing” with the University.
  • Must be of sound moral character and free of legal entanglements that would cause the University embarrassment or ridicule.
  • You must not have been suspended from the University for any reason.
  • Exceptional dance skill as demonstrated through ballet, jazz, hip hop and modern
  • Must be easily approachable, cooperative, trustworthy and creative. She must also consistently operate in the spirit of teamwork keeping a positive and motivational demeanor. To be considered captain, a general respect must be observed as it relates to the individual to be considered and the company members
  • You should look well proportioned in dancewear. We DO NOT have specific height and weight requirements; however, a lean and healthy figure is demanded by our uniforms that are worn in the fall and spring semesters.
  • Ability to assist in choreography
  • Must be a positive role model for incoming and existing members with high moral character
  • Must be organized and timely. Timeliness may be determined by the dancer arriving to rehearsals “prior to” call time and at the end of rehearsal, the dancer should be observed assisting in ensuring that all equipment is properly stowed and staying after to assist other dancers who may require additional help with the choreography.
  • Must maintain an appropriate appearance that is representative as the lead ambassador of the organization. Hair, attire and personal grooming must be maintained daily as the captain is representative of the entire group. A disheveled appearance at anytime is completely unacceptable.
  • The captain should ALWAYS avoid gossip and remain tactful, respectful and courteous at all times. Outbursts of negativity should never be displayed.
  • To be considered captain, a record of outstanding participation in the fall dance season as well as the spring concert season must be observed. This may be determined by field and stand performance during the fall semester and lead roles during the spring semester. Exceptional performance ability and showmanship is also considered.

The Director, Dianne Maroney-Grigsby, is at liberty to make changes to the student leadership as she deems necessary if a case so arises throughout the academic year.