Orchesis Requirements

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Orchesis Audition 2020 from Princeton McCurtain on Vimeo.

The Orchesis Dance Company is the resident dance company of Grambling State University. This group of dancers consist of the Visual and Performing Arts Dance Concentration Majors, Dance Minors, and any GSU student who desires to train and perform at a collegiate level. All VAPA Dance Concentration majors and minors are required to audition and participate in the Orchesis Dance Company as a degree requirements. Additionally we welcome all GSU male and female undergraduate and graduate students interested in training and performing at a collegiate level to audition for the Orchesis Dance Company 2022-2023 season.


All auditionees are accepted into the company, and so the purpose of the audition is not acceptance but placement. Upon review of the audition materials each dancer is placed in one of three categories: Gold, Black, and Red

Gold/Orchesis- this dancer displays strong technical skills and is considered performance ready. Dancer must attend all company classes, all rehearsals, and all company performance auditions.

Black/Apprentice- This dancer displays moderate technical skills and is almost performance ready. Dancer must attend all company classes, all company rehearsals, and all company performance auditions.

Red/Trainee- This dancer’s technical skills need more attention. Dancer must attend all company classes, but must be invited to attend company rehearsals and performance auditions. 

** Depending on their progress, Black/Apprentices and Red/Trainees may move up a level(s). **


Join us virtually Sunday May 15th for an ODC informational as we talk all things #DanceAtGram and answer all questions you may have about the 2022-2023 ODC audition process!
Zoom link will be available at a later date


Audition Materials:

  • Audition routine will be posted Wednesday May 18th. Learn audition routine. Film yourself performing the audition routine. Upload video to YouTube UNLISTED. (The title of your video should be: Name, 2022-2023 ODC Audition Routine)
  • Solo-This is your opportunity to show off! Film yourself performing a 1 min solo in the style of your choice. Then upload to YouTube UNLISTED. (The title of your video should be: Name, 2022-2023 ODC Audition Solo)
  • Headshot & Body shot- Head shot- taken from the chest up with good lighting on your face. (save file as "Name Headshot") Body shot- full-body shot, in a flattering dance position. You must look your best from head to toe. (save file as "Name Body shot") *SELFIES ARE NOT APPROPRIATE*

Friday May 20th at 11:59 PM - 2022-2023 ODC Audition Form and all audition materials due

Please submit all audition materials through the 2022-2023 Orchesis Dance Company Audition Form


What should I wear in my audition videos?

  • Absolutely no baggy clothing! Please wear form fitting clothing so that we can see what the body is doing. In an audition, you always want to stand out and catch the judges’ attention. Aside from your dancing, what you choose to wear can make you stand out in a good or bad way. Black is classic and always a safe choice. Adding a pop of color is a good choice as well.
  • Female dancers: leotard and tights, Unitard, biketard, bra top and short/briefs, leggings and a form fitting athletic top ect..
  • Male dancers: Leotard and tights, Unitard, Biketard, shorts, Leggings, form fitting athletic top and joggers ect…
  • Please present your best self. (Hair, Makeup ,ect)


2021 Audition Results (PDF)

What happens next?

Monday May 23rd - acceptance letters emailed to auditionees

The acceptance letter contains:

  • The dancers’ placement (determined by technical skill level)
  • 2022-2023 contract and handbook
  • List of items the dancer needs to purchase
  • Virtual summer class and rehearsal schedule (May, June, July)
  • Schedule for our in-person summer intensive (August)

Sunday May 29th - Virtual company meeting 

  • We will discuss all materials received in the acceptance letter and answer any questions about the 2022-2023 season

Monday May 30th - Signed contracts due

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Please email or mail all Documents to:

GSU Orchesis
P. O. Box 4311
Grambling, LA 71245
Fax No: (318) 274-3193