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Department of Math & Physics

Department of Math & Physics

Mathematics and Physics Department

Why Major in Physics?

The Department of Mathematics and Physics at Grambling State University has produced physics students for many years who are currently working across the United States in a variety of occupations. We believe the small faculty to student ratio provided to our majors in the classroom and laboratory enhances their understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics. The department is proud of its record of sending its alumni on to graduate school, many of whom have gone on to received Ph.D.s in Physics. Other alumni are on track to completing their Ph.D. requirements. Also the GSU Department of Mathematics and Physics has a very high job placement.

Physicists with baccalaureates, masters, and with doctorates work in a rich variety of jobs, mostly in industry, and pursue a diverse range of technical and non – technical careers. The principles of physics underlie all the technologies, thus, physicists work as technicians, engineers, managers, computer specialists, technical coordinators, designers, trainers, financial analysts, supervisors, researchers, entrepreneurs, presidents, owners, consultants, and many more. Given the diversity of careers pursued by physicists, students might want to expand their expectations about what they can do with a physics education.

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Dr. Danny Hubbard, Associate Dean of the COAS, Department of Math & PhysicsDr. Danny Hubbard,
Associate Dean of the COAS
Department of Chemistry

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